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business dental insurance plan

Business Dental Insurance Plans – The Ultimate Guide

Employees are the greatest and most valuable assets of any small or large company. They are an integral part of the company’s success and majorly contribute to its growth and development. Like every other asset, every company should make effort to insure their employees as well. The most suitable way to insure your workforce is by investing in the best business dental insurance plans. Yes, you read that right!

Just like health insurance plans, business dental insurance plans allow companies to help employees stay ahead of their oral health. However, before we discuss business dental insurance plans in detail, let’s get to know the importance of dental insurance in the first place.

Without further delay, let’s get started.

An Overview Of Dental Insurance

Dental emergencies don’t come knocking at the door. Even a small dental issue can take a big toll on your overall health. So, it’s better to seek medical help before a minor dental issue turns into a major problem. However, whether small or large, the treatment of dental problems comes with a hefty price tag. And not everyone is financially stable to get effective dental treatment to stay ahead of oral health.

In such a case, dental insurance comes to the rescue. Dental insurance can help patients get coverage for their dental expenses. From seeking the best dental treatment to getting coverage for your dental treatment, dental insurance plans offer a whole host of benefits. You can buy dental insurance plans for yourself, your kids, your parents, your family, and even for your employees.

Keep reading the blog to know business dental insurance plans in detail.

An Overview Of Business Dental Insurance Plans

Whether you run a small or large business, you need to wear a lot of hats to experience success in the industry. However, eventually, with time, it gets challenging to play different roles all by yourself alone. In that case, you need to attract and retain loyal and honest employees. There are many ways to retain your employees, including a good salary, bonus, and flexible working hours. Along with these, you can invest in your workforce’s dental health.

You will be surprised to know that 70% of employees admitted that dental benefits coverage is very important. This indicates that employees like working for a company that provides dental benefits.

Therefore, businesses must partner with a reliable dental insurance company that provides the best business dental insurance plans at the most affordable price point.

Types of Business Dental Insurance Plans

There are different types of business dental insurance plans. Choose the one that provides the best benefits to your employees and you as an employer.

PPO Dental Plan: PPO short for “Preferred Provider Organization,” is a dental plan that offers you the flexibility to reach a wider network of dental experts to seek the best dental treatment at the most reasonable price.

HMO Dental Plan: HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization. It is a dental plan in which you can choose a primary care dentist for dental visits and checkups and get lower-cost coverage.

What Does Business Dental Insurance Plans Cover?

Dental services covered depend on the type of business dental insurance plan you have chosen. However, even a basic dental plan will cover dental visits and regular checkups at little or no cost. And the plans with greater coverage can help your employees get coverage for major and expensive dental services that might otherwise cost a good amount.

Some of the dental services that may be covered under your company’s plan include

Preventive care: Regular checkups, dental cleanings, and fluoride treatments

Basic restorative care: Extractions and fillings

Major restorative care: Major dental treatments like crowns, bridges, and dentures

Orthodontic procedure: Braces and other types of teeth aligners

What Do Employees Have To Pay?

This is a very relevant question that makes sense. Employees typically need to pay a monthly premium that is deducted from their monthly salary. However, the cost may vary depending on the insurance company and type of business dental insurance plan.

Some common costs employees should expect to pay as part of their dental insurance plan include

  • Deductible: It is an annual amount that you need to pay even before the insurance company provides coverage services.
  • Co-pay: A fixed amount charged for some particular services or treatments like visiting the dentist.
  • Coinsurance: The percentage of costs that the employees owe for dental services once they have met the deductible amount.
  • Annual Maximum: The amount your dental insurance carrier will pay in a given year. Please note you are accountable for any extra charges that exceed the plan’s maximum.

Closing Words

Above all, from employee retention to preventive dental care, and happy working culture, there are many benefits of business dental insurance plans.

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