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business process automation

Why you Should Choose Business Process Automation?

Gone are the days when companies had to repeatedly do the same work. Utilizing so much time and effort, even then if something goes wrong the work needed to be done again. Thank goodness that the digital revolution has completely changed the working process for businesses. A business process or more stable and reliable and with an automation process the work becomes a hundred times more effective than it was used to be back then.  

If you are still not relying on a business process automation system, it’s time to change your business outlook. Here in this blog, we will talk about the importance of using business process automation and how efficient it is in saving your valuable time and cost. Let’s Dive in!

What is business process automation?  

BPA is a system or tool that organizations adapt to facilitate working operations reducing human reliance. It majorly includes repetitive tasks. As the world is shifting in digital presence more organizations are choosing to adopt the business approaches and relying less on humans for repetitive work. 

Automation can be used in several tasks, however, professionals or market leaders know how to make the best of it by pairing other methodologies. Below are a few examples: 

Acknowledge end-to-end business interplay and trade barriers with business process management. 

Providing a good user experience to customers with artificial intelligence 

Make it easier for non-technical businesses to design and implement their own business models with management software,  

Labor cost

Automation tools may or may not replace your employees completely. Automating tools help in doing mundane and repetitive tasks, so you can shift your employees to doing valuable work roles. Automation also enables repurposing and augmenting which again reduces hiring for minor work roles. 

Following are the steps that help you calculate you are saving on labor cost 

  • Step1: Determine your current spending for a particular employee position this comprises salary, tax, and additional benefits like insurance.  
  • Step2: Evaluate the additional costs you provide to your employees like office amenities, mentoring, sick/holiday leaves, and other compliances.  
  • Step3: Sum up these two values and divide the result by the number of employees’ work hours. 

Later estimate the fixed budget you spend daily for your office dividing it by the total number of employees. 

For instance, suppose one of your employee’s roles at your organization is to track staff members’ leave requests. The working rate is $5 per hour and the time duration for the task is 15 hours each month so the total cost per year is $600. 

You can also add the office cost per employee to this number. Calculate the cost you use in office facilities and bills then divide this by the number of staff. 

Compare the labor cost with the cost involved in using automation for the same task. If the automation cost is lesser than employees’ cost it definitely works the shot. 

How Business process Automation reduces Time 

The biggest advantage of using the automation process is of time, it doesn’t require weekly holidays or is not limited to office work hour limits. Moreover, human errors and distractions affect the working capability that does not take place with automation.  

To understand the time-saving benefit of the automation process does the following: 

  • Determine how much time does it takes to finish with the automation tools. 
  • Determine how much time it takes for office staff to complete the same task, consider all the factors like time utilized during holidays, error solving, breaks, and more.  
  • Now compare both the values and see which party is more efficient.  

Some other factors of automation that let you save your valuable time.  

  • Productivity: Automation tools are quick in finishing tasks, they complete the repeated tasks at once.  
  • Overcoming human errors: No matter how trained and professional an employee you have, there is always a scope of human errors. If your task is a brainer and doesn’t require thinking, an automation tool is always better to opt for as it doesn’t leave for error hence no time is utilized in fixing it.

What business processes should you automate? 

When it comes to automation there is an endless function you can choose for one or multiple purposes. 

If you are not sure about the purpose of BPA in your business, here are some common experiences business needs to be fulfilled by automation.

  1. To perform volume tasks in less time
  2. To reduce the number of employees working on easy to execute tasks
  3. To create a reliable and easy to access working system
  4. To handle time-sensitive tasks with ease
  5. Compliance and audit trails

The above scenarios showcase the need of using automation. However, in order to regulate the process, the organization needs to be specific on the task, like the one mentioned below. The following lists comprise some tasks that can be automated.

  • Schedule email newsletter 
  • Generating invoices 
  • Counting holiday leaves 
  • Attendance check 
  • Sales order and evaluation 
  • Lead generation 
  • Data integration 

Why is it important to automate your business process 

Saving cost and time is important but just one aspect of the automation process. The benefits and value are much substantial. It prevents data or work-related fraud. Furthermore, it prevents biases in organizations like hiring. For instance an automated system schedules interview with candidates that matches the skill criteria of the organization. It offers to enhance the experience to employees as well as to customers. 


The major objective of using BPA in business is simply to generate more outcomes with less effort. It minimized cost and save a lot of time for employees so they can work on important tasks. Automation allows the organization to boost their productivity and upscale their working capability. 

Krunal Mendapara

Krunal Mendapara is working as chief Technology Officer for Sattrix Software where he Lead the strategy for technology platforms, partnerships, and external relationships and Work closely with Business Development.

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