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reputation 2020
By PATRICK ADAMS 1,160 views

Promotion Psychology that will Improve your Business Reputation in 2020

What’s the most important aspect of a business’s marketing? Some would argue that it’s the quality of their products, while others might say it’s the strength of their marketing department. The truth is that it’s actually both, in away. These elements add to the business’s reputation, which influences consumers’ preferences the most. You wouldn’t buy a product that you don’t feel is reputable or reliable in some way. 

With this in mind, it’s important for a business to maintain its business reputation, especially in an increasingly digital world. Your company has to work on a combination of digital marketing and public relations to create an image that is consistent with its brand messaging. These are many ways to influence consumers’ thoughts on your brand, so it’s best to start with some basic tips.

Comparisons won’t do you any good

Business is an inherently competitive field. You aren’t just trying to reach a certain level of success; you’re trying to beat other companies that are vying for the attention and adoration of the same demographics and consumers. This can lead business owners down a spiral of comparisons and competition like in no other field, which can be detrimental for a business’s reputation and branding.

Don’t try to simply out-do your competition. While certain marketing strategies thrive on comparisons, this won’t always be an effective way to promote your business. Toothpaste brands might promote their products by saying that they’re more effective at cleaning or whitening teeth than other ones, but that won’t work for other brands as effectively. If your marketing campaign focuses on other brands a little too much, you’re effectively putting them on a similar pedestal as your own. It’s as if they’re worth comparing and should be mentioned alongside your business, creating a stalemate that you’re trying to break with good marketing.

Instead, try to move away from comparisons and stick to self-marketing. Emphasize the benefits of your brand and how your products and services are effective at solving certain issues. There should be very little mention of competitors and how your brand is superior in quality. Stick to your core message and consumers will respect your brand as an individual phenomenon, instead of viewing it as another contender vying for their attention.

Giving more and taking less

Giving more and taking less

A crucial part of marketing is staying relevant and providing insights into your business’s focuses and interests. You need to show consumers that your brand has certain values and what better way to do this than to support individuals and organizations with those same values.

The best way to self-promote is to promote and support others. It’s a much subtler and more effective way to show your values without looking like you’re just tooting your own horn. How businesses go about this is very important. 

Social media is a crucial part of your self-promotion strategy, and it should include mentions of your likes and dislikes. If your brand often utilizes design and graphic design, shouting out artists and their work is strongly recommended. Make sure you don’t put all the emphasis on the work that was done for your brand alone. You have to promote the artists themselves and their continued work in their field. This will show that you appreciate them and their work and that appreciating art is part of your brand’s image. Consumers that agree with this will have a more favourable experience when dealing with your business.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t just throw your support around blindly and tag any artist that people like, as it will feel like an inorganic approach. You have to stick to your brand’s aesthetic and vision, whether it’s in visual, audio, or any other form of art or product. It wouldn’t make sense for a brand that sticks to a mid-century class-act to try and spread awareness about local metal bands. Keep it within your vision and you’ll build on your brand’s reputation and aesthetic as you go.

Fear of opinions is limiting

Businesses often walk on a fine line when developing their marketing strategies. You want to make it as accessible as possible, while also having a specific look and personality that will draw people in on a level below the surface. These two goals frequently clash with one another, creating problems in branding and marketing.

How do you decide what’s worth talking about? What happens when people disagree or find offence in what you’ve said, even when it’s not necessarily offensive in any way? This is a situation businesses often fear, so they stick to safe topics and marketing campaigns that have very little chance of stirring anyone’s emotions. However, this is a bad way to brand your business and it will very quickly prove itself ineffective. So, how do you skirt the line between controversial and marketable?

When it comes to very controversial subjects such as politics, taking a safer approach is perfectly valid. You want to make sure your target demographic agrees with you, and even the slightest mistake could prove to be detrimental to your reputation. When sticking to some soft-sell topics and sharing personal experiences, nearly everything should be fair game. Emphasize the personal aspect of stories and how they affect other people. More importantly, make sure they’re other peoples’ stories. Instead of expressing your own opinions directly, you should make a point of sharing them indirectly through the stories and experiences of others.

Increase awareness by providing an empathetic approach to news and common situations. Very few people will take offense to empathy and understanding, and those that do aren’t worth the trouble of self-censorship. Raise awareness on certain subjects by sharing 

Visuals help spread messages

Visuals help spread messages

There are few things in branding that are more important than sending the right message. There are a lot of ways to get your message across to consumers, but very few are effective as visual imagery. When you can deliver something concise and attractive to your viewers, they will develop more of an appreciation for your brand than if you merely told them. This is why fields like graphic design are so important in today’s marketing.

With the numerous advances in online marketing, visualization has become more important than ever. People hardly spend time looking at brand messaging, so it needs to be fast-paced in order to be effective. This is where imagery shines at conveying messages. It can provide you with a tight-knit story in something that takes only seconds to process. Getting the message you want across requires both talent and skill, which is why businesses employ professionals.

It’s hard to stay competitive in branding without the help of a graphic designer. Someone needs to take care of your physical branding and merchandise, while also giving your brand a consistent visual theme throughout marketing. Businesses often turn to Orion Creative and other experts to help shape their marketing efforts in a visual sense. The help of skilled graphic designers can give your business an edge in terms of branding and personality building. It’s hard to go without it in today’s world, which is why you’ll see a graphic design team in every successful business. 

Influence the right crowds

Your business’s reputation depends on a lot of factors. One of the most important ones among them is the crowd that supports it. With the rapid rise of influencer marketing in the modern world, you have to make sure you have the right influencers on your side for your marketing strategy. Which influencers you target is a very important part of your strategy.

You have to make sure you stay consistent in your choices. Decide on your primary goal. Do you want to reach the largest possible audience or are you looking to establish yourself in a niche? These two might seem compatible with one another, but they really aren’t. Exclusive brands will often target specific demographics that enjoy the exclusivity and mystery that come with the brand’s reputation. Others will simply aim for the common denominator and try to reach as many individuals as possible.

For starters, you need to figure out what kind of branding your company wants to do. If your brand focuses on providing a much-needed service to a high number of people, contact all sorts of influencers and seek their marketing help. As long as you reach a large number of people, you should be able to get your marketing across just fine.

For more unique and specialized products, it’s important that you contact the right influencers that already deal with similar products and services. This will help keep the allure of your brand and market it only to those that wish to enjoy the exclusivity it provides.


Creating an effective digital marketing strategy takes effort. You need to be able to improve your business’s reputation and maintain good relations with consumers. This is a very difficult task if you don’t know where to start. Consider the above examples and your business will quickly garner a reputation that is shaped in the exact way you intended it to be.

Patrick Adams

Patrick Adams is a freelance writer and rock-blues fan. When he is not writing about home improvement, he loves to play chess, watch basketball, and play his guitar. More than anything, he loves to spend his time in his garage, repairing appliances and creating stuff from wood.