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gojek clone
By WILLIAM 1,081 views

Create a Standard Marketplace For Your Business Using GoJek Clone

GoJek gained mammoth fame when Google invested more than $1 billion during the last quarter of 2018. Soon after this, many app development companies started to build clone apps of GoJek as per Entrepreneurs’ requirements.  

We all knew that the popularity of Uber has made the introduction of “Uberization” in the on-demand service industry and moved forward a step ahead. As a result of this, plenty of services were incepted, including taxi and food delivery services.  People started to use applications regularly to fulfill their daily requirements. However, there also arises a need to delete applications to reduce mobile’s internal storage after their demand gets over. Due to this, many businesses have lost its revenue and entrepreneurs struggled to get back their potential customers. This is where GoJek gained its spotlight. This application allowed entrepreneurs to offer multiple on-demand services and products from a single mobile app. 

In this article, we will explain why you should choose GoJek for your new startup, and what are all the benefits that it can offer you to remain the best in the industry.

How can GoJek replace other stand-alone mobile applications

As this application is built to provide multiple on-demand services, there will be no need for customers to install any other separate single app for their taxi, food, grocery, payments, etc.  

For Taxi

Customers can use Go-car or Go-bike to take trips using this application instead of installing any stand-alone taxi applications.

For Food

Users can make use of Go-food to get their food delivered at their doorstep. 

For e-wallet

Using Go-Pay, your users can quickly process their transactions without any hindrance. This can definitely replace other payment applications.

For groceries

Go-Mart is the option where users can get their groceries delivered at the demanded time. Instead of installing apps like InstaCart, there is a high chance among people to accept this application.

Apart from this, there are more add-ons like courier services, healthcare services, salon services, mechanic services, and other domestic services that can keep your customers always engaged in your application. 

If you are choosing a Gojek clone, then it will be of great advantage, as it allows complete customization. You can provide a minimum or a maximum number of services based on your business establishment. To get a Gojek like the app at a reasonable price, reach AppDupe today.

Why choosing a GoJek-like app will be profitable? 

As mentioned earlier, GoJek has immense popularity in the market though it is in its initial stage. These investments can definitely prove you that it will have an active growth gradually.

To state why GoJek-like app will be a success in the near future, we have listed a few benefits below,

Highly profitable

Since you are providing multiple services, the revenue that you receive will be high. The more you give, the more will be your outcome profit. But make sure to provide the right resources.

Benefited Merchandise

Merchants registering into a single on-demand application will have only a few choices. Choosing a Gojek clone will attract more merchants globally, as it provides multiple opportunities to diversify their business. This can gain you more revenue as well.

Therefore, from this, you can realize that you have a huge opportunity as well as market growth on starting a business like GoJek. 


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