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medical insurance policy
By NIKKI CROSS 2,456 views

6 Solid Reasons to buy a Medical Insurance

Our sedentary lifestyle has brought about a host of health problems. With the cost of treatment skyrocketing every day, it becomes difficult to pay your medical bills. Have you planned something?  Digging into your savings is never a good idea. That is why you should have a health insurance policy for yourself and your family.

Let us look at the top 6 reasons why you should have medical insurance.

1. Financial Support

A health insurance policy provides you with much-needed financial support during medical emergencies. Critical diseases like cardiac problems and cancer require a lot of money. It might cripple you financially. Having health insurance will let you opt for cashless treatment. It will cover hospital expenses, medical bills, and all other charges. Some plans also cover your treatment outside the country.

2. It Can Give You Tax Exemption.

When you buy health insurance online, you can get a tax exemption. You can claim an income tax deduction of up to Rs 25000 under Section 80 D. Isn’t that enough reason not to miss your premium? So, besides securing your future, a health insurance plan also saves your hard-earned money in the present.

3. Lifestyle Diseases Are Growing Rapidly

Almost every other person has high blood pressure or unhealthy glucose levels. Cholesterol has also become a reality in most households. The main culprit is our lifestyle. Consumption of oily junk food and lack of exercise causes unimaginable harm to your body. A severe illness might strike anytime. So, isn’t it better to stay prepared beforehand? Having a health insurance policy will ensure that you do not fall into a soup during medical emergencies.

4. There Are Several Affordable Policies

The earlier you buy a policy, the better it is. When you are young, you are more likely to be healthier. So, the policies will be available at a cheaper rate. As you grow older, the cost of premium would gradually increase. So, why wait? Buy health insurance online before you turn 30. That way, you will be able to save a few bucks.

5. Inflation Is Rising!

The price of everything is rising by leaps and bounds. Healthcare is no exception. However, the costs of getting medical treatment are increasing unimaginably. During 2018-19, there was a record 7.14 percent inflation in the field of healthcare. Can you believe it? The interest earned from your savings is not enough to cover your treatment costs. A health insurance policy is the only way out. Choose from several online health insurance plans. They will cover everything from your hospital bills to medical costs. You can now keep aside all your worries about inflation. 

6. It Will Gives You Fallback Option

No matter how much you earn. Your savings can never be enough to meet your expenses during a critical illness. Diseases don’t come informed. Digging into your savings can leave you financially crippled. If you are a salaried employee, things will never be easy. So, if you buy health insurance online, you will have something to fall back on. It will reduce the burden on your shoulders. There are innumerable online health insurance plans. Make sure you purchase the one that suits you best.

Things To Consider While Buying Health Insurance Policy

  • It is better to purchase a family plan rather than an individual policy.
  • Check whether the health insurance policy covers all the critical illnesses.
  • Make sure it covers the best hospitals in your area.
  • Compare different plans and their benefits before choosing one.

The Bottom Line

If you wish to secure your future, choose from different online health insurance plans now. Paybima lets you compare various policies to check which one suits you. Keep your budget in mind and buy the best policy. You will get all details like the yearly premium, the diseases covered, the hospitals included, and the sum assured. Make sure you check everything carefully before making a decision. Do not forget to look at the claim settlement ratio. It will ensure that you can get your money on time.  After all, it is the question of your health. You must never compromise with it.

So, why are you still waiting?  Visit the Paybima website now and start comparing different plans.

Nikki Cross

Hi, i am Nikki Cross. I am a freelance writer and blogger.

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