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Crib Mattress
By ANNA WATTSON 643 views

Top 5 Tips to Consider When Buying Baby Crib Mattress

Are you going to shop for a Baby Crib Mattress? You should consider five tips during your shopping. These tips will help you make the right choice. Let’s unlock them one-by-one.

1. Say No to Used Crib Mattress

When your hands are tight, then you often like to go for an option that is affordable and meets your needs. In that scenario, used crib mattress shopping seems like the best option to avail. However, you should never overlook the health concerns associated with this kind of mattress. You don’t know how this mattress was used, what was the cleanliness level of the space where it was stored. 

According to a study, one major cause of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is used crib mattress. When this mattress was first bought, then it might be firm and clean. However, when it was put into some months of use, then it’s firmness went away. There are chances that this used mattress store in an unhygienic place and therefore, it became a home of mold and mildew. Now imagine you save money by getting that used mattress. But are you confident that it’s a healthier life choice for your precious munchkin?

A Point to Remember: Don’t settle for a used mattress. Have a tight budget? Check some affordable crib mattress reviews at 10babythings.

2. The Best Mattress is the Right-Fit 

You need to pick the right size mattress for the baby crib. Don’t know what the right size is? Get an inch-tape and take measurements before you leave your home for a shopping baby crib mattress. Write down those measurements and then ask for an exact size. The gap between frame and mattress shouldn’t be more than two fingers. Else your baby might trap in this gap resulting in injury or suffocation. 

A Point to Remember: The right-fit size is one when you can insert your two fingers between a mattress and a crib frame. 

3. Choose the Right Type of Mattress

As soon as you enter into a digital store of a baby crib mattress, you will get exposed to hundreds of varieties. In general, there are three main types, such as foam mattress, organic/natural mattress, and innerspring mattress. 

  • Organic mattresses are in high demand these days as they are claimed to offer a chemical-free sleep environment and comfort to your sweetheart. Natural materials are used for the manufacturing of the organic mattress. However, not everyone can afford an expensive organic mattress.
  • The innerspring mattress has spring coils inside them, and they are ranked as high-quality mattresses. They are somewhat less expensive than the organic version.
  • Foam mattresses are more affordable than the other two types. Therefore, more and more parents opt for them.

A Point to Remember: Research about different types of mattresses, check their pros and cons. In the end, pick a mattress that matches your budget and requirements.

4. Always Buy a Firm Mattress

No matter what type of mattress you get, make sure it has an optimal firmness level. Now the question is why get a firm mattress for your soft and delicate baby. The simple answer is, your baby bones and body are fragile, and it requires proper support for growth. Since your baby is going to spend more than 18 hours in sleep, that means you have the best support in the form of a firm mattress. For a more detailed guide, check out Kidsco, who reviewed the best cot beds and crib mattresses.

Never lay down your babies on soft places or adult mattresses because the Consumer Product Safety Commission made it clear that smooth surfaces may cause suffocation or increase the risk of SIDS for babies.

How to check firmness? It’s a good question. Memorize its answer so that you can perform a firmness test on each mattress you explore during shopping. 

A Point to Remember Press fingers in the centers and side of a crib mattress. If it snaps back quickly and does not conform to the shape of your fingers or hand, then it is a firm mattress. However, it doesn’t come back to its original form quickly then it doesn’t have an extreme firmness level.

 5. Don’t Forget to Protect your Mattress

You can’t prevent a baby’s diaper crisis and leak. Therefore, it’s essential to have a water-proof mattress. Make sure to consider this point when buying a baby crib mattress. In case your mattress is fabric, then get a water-resistant cover for the mattress. Instead, you can look for a mattress that is designed with a nylon surface, which has repelling characteristics. 

A point to Remember: If you are going to buy a natural mattress, then getting a water-resistant cover is a must because this type of mattress hardly comes with a water-proof feature.

Wrapping up

If you keep in mind all these points when shopping for the baby crib mattress, then you will end up with a durable and right quality mattress.

Anna Wattson

Anna Watson is a graduate from San Diego State University and a blogger online. She loves to write about tech, business, marketing, and many more. Follow her on Twitter at @annawattson25.