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By MONIKA RAINA 10,985 views

What Can I Do With a Canada Study Visa? The Dos and Don’ts

Today’s overseas students want to study abroad. Higher education is a big magnet for overseas students. The results are a degree highly valued by top corporations and an unforgettable experience. However, you must be aware of the rules for getting a study permit in Canada in order to know your rights.

Most students choose Canada as their study abroad location. The US is one of the few countries that facilitates entry for students with student visas or who have studied abroad. Although many Indian students study in Canada, few are aware of the visa requirements. To know how to get a student visa for Canada, one must be aware of the conditions. We’ve put up a list of dos and don’ts for anyone contemplating studying in Canada. Do you want to go to Canada quickly?

Why do I need a student visa?

If you want to study in Canada, you must enroll in one of the designated learning institutions (DLIs). But a student pass is not a visa. Visas or electronic travel authorizations are required to enter Canada for study permit holders.

Here are some dos and don’ts for overseas students coming to Canada:

Do’s to Study in Canada

I work part-time

The Canadian government normally allows students to work for a limited period. This may help you keep track of your expenses while studying in Canada. It offers several job opportunities for international students. Work part-time and pay a percentage of your living expenses to help fund your education.

Learn about the course

International students in Canada have access to a broad choice of excellent courses. Select courses based on your interests and goals. Examine your eligibility and prerequisites for the course. If you think about things like research facilities, job opportunities, and the best schools in Canada, they might help you choose a study topic.

Show interest in others’ lives

One of the many benefits of living in Canada is the Make new friends! What’s the best approach? Participating in educational and social activities has many advantages. Studying in Canada provides a fantastic opportunity to meet new people. Together, you will build deep connections with other pupils. Keep in touch with them since they may be able to help you further your career.

Connect with others

One of the benefits of studying abroad is the ability to travel. You may travel around Canada and enjoy the local delicacies to get a flavor of the new culture and lifestyle. From Banff to Niagara Falls, Gros Morne to Jasper National Park, Canada has a lot to offer. Students living in Canada offer unique travel opportunities that non-students can’t access.

Choose the appropriate lodging for you

You can simply choose the greatest location to live in Canada from a vast choice of possibilities. On-campus and off-campus housing alternatives abound in Canada. It will satisfy all your desires. When looking for student accommodation in Canada, you may uncover a range of unique places. As a result, you should choose your residence carefully while studying abroad.

Accompany with right people

Leaving your hometown and loved ones and then settling down all alone in a different nation is quite challenging.  Due to homesickness, distance from loved ones and stress of studies and work, you might get discouraged sometimes and may take some wrong steps. So, to avoid any bad thoughts, you need to accompany yourself with the right people who will motivate and support you whenever you feel low. 

Don’ts for Studying in Canada

Don’t risk it

Even though Canada is a peaceful and respected nation, students should take basic safety measures while visiting. Caution. Registration with the Consulate protects your personal possessions. You may also call the hotline in case of an emergency.

Don’t forget about international student scholarships

Yes, you should apply for every scholarship you qualify for. The Canadian government and universities provide scholarships to entice international students to study in Canada. Save your time. This will help you fund your Canadian education. Before applying for a scholarship, be sure you satisfy the requirements.

Don’t try to Compare

You should avoid Comparing Canada with your native country, Canada’s official language i.e. English & French with your own native language. Moreover, don’t ever try to compare Canada’s culture and religion with the religion and culture of your home country. 

Ignore all document types

Starting with your study abroad application, you’ll require a few key documents. They need your whole attention. Please remember them.

Never expect a distant country to feel like home

Canadians have everything they need. Things and experiences, on the other hand, may be completely different from home. Some of the comforts you enjoy at home may be absent when you move. But don’t be pessimistic; instead, adjust as best you can.


So, here are some tips for making the most of your time in Canada following your study abroad experience. We wish you well as you begin a new chapter in Canada. While you’re there, make lasting memories. If you need assistance, you may always contact your university officer. To know more about studying in Canada.

Monika Raina

Monika Raina is a technology enthusiast, blogger and author of Ezine articles. She is a promoter of cyber safety and loves to write about the latest technologies.