The global coronavirus pandemic has hit its all-time high in the past couple of months. Even though we mustn’t stop living our lives just because of it, we need to be cautious about our health. The way we live today is the new normal, but we still have to adapt to some lifestyle changes and precaution measures. One of the things most people use daily is their car. How many times have you cleaned your car during the pandemic? There is no use in wearing a mask and washing your hands if you don’t disinfect one of the most used objects during the day. So, how can you keep your car clean and maintained

1. Deep clean your car

During the pandemic, your car is one of the safest ways to commute or travel from one place to another. Since buses, trains and other public transportation is out of option, and it may be too cold or rainy for a bike, using your car is the best mean of transportation right now. 

To prevent the virus from spreading, consider deep cleaning. Scrub the floor mats and carpets in your car. Don’t forget to include vacuuming in your car clean routine because it removes the dirk, junk and residue accumulated over time. In addition to that, deep cleaning will remove any virus molecules that are possible in your car. And if need be, replace your mats and get bmw car mats for a cool upgrade.

2. Disinfect hard surfaces inside the car

You can’t drive a car without touching the wheel, music player, window controls, etc. And it’s well-known that by touching different surfaces and then touching your face, you increase the chances of getting infected by the coronavirus. So, what can you do?

Sanitize the hard surfaces at least once per week or every other day, depending on how much you use your car. There are high-touch areas that are high priority when it comes to disinfecting. For instance, your wheel, gearstick and buttons that are only touched by the driver, should be sanitized to prevent the virus from staying on those surfaces. Unlike them, door handles, window controls and audio systems should be cleaned more regularly, because more than one person has access to those surfaces. 

3. What kind of disinfectants to use?

Disinfecting your car is not the same as cleaning your house. There are more sensitive surfaces in your car than in your home, so you should be careful. Besides that, your car is a much smaller space, which increases your chances of catching the virus if you’re sitting next to the infected person. Is there any special kind of sanitizer you should or shouldn’t use?

Contrary to the popular belief, some disinfectants don’t destroy the coronavirus molecules. On top of that, some cleaning products, even natural ones like vinegar, essential oils, acetone and Listerine can damage your car as well. Instead of that, opt for 70% isopropyl alcohol, Clorox wipes that don’t contain bleach or soap and water to disinfect and clean your car.

4. Don’t forget about seatbelts and child seats

Almost every country in the world has a law about wearing a seat belt in the car and having a child’s car seat for kids younger than the age of 12. These are some of the most sensitive areas in your car. However, they need to be cleaned properly as well. How can you disinfect these areas quickly?

One of the first steps is to use soap and warm water to remove the existing debris and dirt. Make sure that the seatbelts are dried before you use them again. On the other hand, cleaning a children’s car seat is a bit different story. You need to carefully follow the manual of that car seat in order not to damage it, but make it safe for your children to use.

5. Wash your car frequently

Just like your car interior matters, don’t neglect the exterior. Different kinds of dirt, bacteria, and virus molecules can get attached to the outer parts of your car, like door handles and windows. If you grab the door handle that has been touched by an infected person, chances are you’ll touch your face and get infected as well.

So, to prevent such disasters from happening, you should wash your car frequently. Sadly, not many people have the time and money to do it. But you can always search for a dependable car washing service near you, and have a professional come out to wash and disinfect your car for a reasonable price. You’re just three clicks away from the reliable provider that will meet your needs and requirements.

6. Always carry the essentials with you

Last, but not least, it’s important to carry coronavirus essentials with you. Face masks, protective gloves, water bottles, medication and hand sanitizers are a must-have in every vehicle. How to supply your car?

Besides all of the COVID-19 gears and supplies, you should always have spare masks in your car. You never know who or when you might need them. In case you’re during with a person outside of your household, ask them to wear a mask before they enter your car. Don’t forget about the necessary first aid kit, in case someone needs it. Also, you should bring some of the basic medication with you, especially if you have children.


As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can disinfect your car. Just because you’ve vacuumed the carpet and seats, it doesn’t mean that your car is safe and virus-free. So, make sure to follow all of these tips to stay protected and healthy. 

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