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By PHOEBE LAMBERT 1,962 views

What Does a Car Need to Pass Its MOT?

Making your vehicle pass its Mot test is now a legal requirement. If your car is more than three years old, you must take it for a Mot test to see if it is roadworthy or not. Vehicles that fail their Mot cannot be out on the roads until they are maintained according to the requirements. Mot seems like an unnecessary expense; however, it can help you identify the potential issues in your car. Mot is the Ministry of Transport test to configure the safety level of vehicles. Whether a Mot class 4 or MOT class 7 is due for your vehicle, you can pass the test by paying attention to the following points. This checklist explains all that your car needs to pass its Mot.

A Well Maintained Exterior

The exterior of your car includes tyres, windscreen, wipers, number plate, bonnet, lights, and doors.  If you have a well-maintained exterior, the first impression of your car will become remarkable. Your tyres and wheels should be of the right size with the tread depth of at least 1.6mm.  All the lights including headlights, reverse lights, and indicators should be in a working condition. Replace damaged or worn-out wipers before taking your car for a Mot and check for any marks or cracks on the windscreen. Your number plate should be visible and easy to read. Along with that, the doors should also be in good condition.

Seatbelt, Horn, And Mirrors

Before heading towards the testing centre, check your horn, seatbelts, and mirrors. If you have weary seatbelts that do not lock and release properly, your car will not pass the test. Press your horn to see if the sound is audible. Same goes for the mirror. Your car must have a rear mirror so that you can track the traffic coming behind. The vision from the mirror should be clear and positioned correctly.

Enough Oil In The Vehicle

A fair amount of engine oil is essential to test the emission levels of your vehicle. Make sure your car has enough engine oil. Check the oil level with the help of the dipstick. If you do not see any oil between the minimum and maximum level marked on the dipstick, it is time for and oil filling. You can take your car to your nearest garage and top-up new engine oil before taking it for a test.

Updated Mechanical Checks

It is hard to perform mechanical checks by yourself, so it is better to let professionals’ handle them. Other than engine oil, there are several mechanical checks such as suspension, exhaust, and fuel system. Manoeuvring the car can become difficult if the suspension unit is not okay. It will result in making your car noisy. Your exhaust should not be leaking, corroded, or emitting any smoke. Along with it, check your brakes, pipes and fuel usage as well.

How To Prove Your Mot?

If your car passes its Mot test, you are given a computerized VT20 MOT test pass certificate. Any minor faults in your car will be mentioned in a way that is clear and easy to read. If somehow you fail the test, you will receive a VT30 MOT test failure certificate.

Phoebe Lambert

Phoebe Lambert, an IT graduate of the University of Bolton, is the social media manager at Nayyars solicitors company, UK. She uses her shrewd capacity to strategically direct you about social media and media management technicalities and details.