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Mechanical Keyboards Are Great for Gaming
By MATT CUPPER 1,867 views

Find out Why Mechanical Keyboards Are Great for Gaming

Choosing the perfect gaming keyboard can be a challenge, especially for novice gamers. Mechanical keyboards are among the top options at your disposal. Well, along with the membrane type, they are pretty much all you have to choose from. Nevertheless, deciding on the best option is never so easy.

Don’t panic yet, if you are considering getting a cheap gaming keyboard, stick around. So, are mechanical keyboards better for gaming? Let’s dive right in to find out.

Understanding mechanical keyboards

First things first, you need to know what these components are and how they work.

Key actuation

One of the things that make this type outstanding is their fast actuation. This means the needed time for the key to register after you press it. Most others take about 4mm to register, but these keyboards are usually twice as fast, taking only 2mm.

Actuation force

Keep in mind, however, that this also depends on other factors such as the force you apply. This can vary depending on the one you are using, so it’s usually best to do a bit of scouting to understand it beforehand.

Usually, the actuation force varies from 35 grams all the way to 350 grams. But the great thing is that mechanical ones only require about 45 grams to 60 grams of force to register.

Key switches

Here’s yet another aspect that makes mechanical keyboards better for gaming. It involves two types; tactile and linear. The former ones have a slight bump that lets you know when you’ve reached actuation. The latter, on the other end, doesn’t deliver this bump; all it has is a simple smooth action. This factor could mean the difference in typing speed.


Remember that resistance you feel when typing on your keyboard, well, that’s what tactility is all about. Essentially, this means the travel of the key to generate a keystroke. Sometimes you get feedback in the form of a click at the end of the keystroke.

But you can also observe it visually by watching the actual effect your fingers have on the key. When pressed, the key sinks and bounces up when you let go. The mechanical type pack is more tactility. This brings out a distinct feel of durability for the keyboard, unlike the softened feel of the others.

The Noisy Part

One of the things that sort of compromise mechanical keyboards’ performance is that they are quite noisier. What makes them noisier is the click they make when pressing them and when they are actuating.

Hence, they click twice, which is more than the membrane ones. And it’s all thanks to their rubber or silicon cushion. Even among the mechanical ones, there exist differences too. The scissor-switch ones make the most noise among mechanical types. They lack sufficient rubber cushioning, as is the case with the others.


What these keyboards lack in quiet operation, they make up for with durability. This aspect is measured in the number of keystrokes in an hour multiplied by the hours it is used. The Cherry MX, for instance, has 20 and 50 million keystrokes. Along with the others, they outlive their counterparts.

So, is Mechanical Keyboards Better for Gaming?

It turns out this type has what it takes to transform your gaming. From performance to lifespan, they are the masters of the game. Remember, there are several types of varieties according to switches. These include Cherry Blue, Green, Black, Red, Silver, and Cherry Brown, so you can choose depending on your preference.

Matt Cupper

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