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When you are fed up with your old and useless car, it’s natural to feel desperate to get rid of it! And we know most of your friends would suggest you knocking the car scrapping companies. These are excellent teams of workers who accept your old cars and provide you money in exchange for it. This process is always better than dumping your car in a junkyard or leaving it in the middle of the road or just letting it stay in your garage becoming more useless.

Important Things to Know About the Car Scrapping Process!

Before you contact the various car scrapers available in your area, beware of the important information about this procedure. This will help you get better returns from your car and even deal with the entire process efficiently. Let’s read about that essential information below:

  • This is basically a money business — The first rule to remember when handing over your car for scrapping is that it’s a money business. You’ll always get some amount of money when you give them your vehicle. How much that sum is, depends upon your car’s condition, model, age, etc. And most probably it’s instant cash that you get from them on the spot as they take your car away.
  • Your car will be towed and shipped for free — Beware of one more essential factor – your car will be picked up from your location by the car scrapper’s team and mostly it’s for free. They know the right ways to tow such old cars and therefore offer you this service for their convenience and yours too. But if they are asking you money for this service, ensure to bargain with them making them aware that this part is commonly free of charge.
  • All types of cars are accepted — If you think your twenty years old car won’t be accepted by the wreckers or they won’t buy your tiny vehicle or the too large van, then be notified that they accept all sorts of cars. These car wreckers just need your vehicle to dismantle it and reuse or sell the parts in it. So, no matter, if it’s an old Fiat or Toyota wreckers in Auckland like Mega Car Collection, will give you the best price in exchange for it and happily accept the vehicle from you. It doesn’t matter if it’s totally smashed, has no tyres or the brakes don’t work, they don’t care — they just want it from you.
  • No documents are mandatory —Another important thing that stops you from contacting car wreckers is the fact that you assume they’ll require your car registration documents and paperwork before you hand them over your car (And you perhaps lost them a long time back!). Well, here’s good news for you — these auto wreckers don’t demand any such documents from you.

So, aren’t these facts an eye-opener for a first-time car seller to the auto wreckers? So, as you now have the reliable information about the procedure of car wrecking better, your chances of getting duped or cheated in this matter are very low. And of course, the money after selling the car would be good too! 

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  • It’s good to know that towing is usually free when getting a car scrapping deal. I plan to get rid of my father’s old car for him since he needs some help raising funds for some home repairs. Since it’s been more than a year since his car’s engine last started, it’s probably best to just scrap it instead of dealing with expensive repairs for it.

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