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Style is subjective. We all have our definition of style.

While some of us like to adopt a sophisticated and minimal outlook, others enjoy a larger than life persona.  Casual wear is all about comfort as day-to-day wear should be. Dressing casually is easy, but what about dressing casually with style?

Wearing casual outfits with style can pose quite a challenge, especially to those who are just familiarizing themselves with the basics of fashion. Casual fashion can be ironic. While it is a no-brainer on most days, it can be a little complicated to get just right on others. The question has to be asked: How to carry casual outfits with style?

Let’s make the learning process easier for you.

  • What is a casual dress code?

Casual dress code entails everyday wear items like jeans, tees, dresses, sweaters, sneakers, and slippers. It is simple, it is comfortable, and it is relaxed and fuss-free. Additionally, casual wear is super versatile, so you can mix and match different pieces to curate a new look every other day.

  • When to wear casual outfits?

There are no rules when it comes to casual wear. Its very essence embodies simplicity, so no matter what you do, keep it simple and comfortable. Here are some places where you can rock casual wear with no reservations.

  • Casual Day Out

    For an acute daytime look, our advice would be to keep it light and breezy. A relaxed pair of jeans with a long sleeve top and a complimenting jacket on top is the perfect pick. Throw on your favorite sneakers, pumps, or boots along with a statement jewelry piece and an everyday handbag – voila! You are ready to head out.

Dresses are an excellent option for the daytime too. They are simple yet flirty and can be sported with an array of accessories. A dress with a cardigan and sandals is a classic daytime friendly look. Complete your look with a pair of sunnies and some studs.

  • Casual Evening Out:

    The beauty of casual outfits lies in their versatility as they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. Add a fancy twist to a basic outfit, and you are ready to hit the club or go to a fun party. Excellent evening wear options include maxi dresses, midi skirts, jeans, tailored shirts, and more.

Imagine you are wearing a plain pair of jeans and a tailored shirt. You need to attend a friend’s birthday party at the club. What to do? Simple. Throw on a blazer for a chic outlook, or an edgy leather jacket for a bold and badass look, or if looking to go all out, perhaps a sequin suit – it is a party after all. You have so many options to play with.

Other options include dressing up a casual skirt or dress with a chic cashmere sweater and pumps or a bomber jacket and ankle boots. Get creative with it. Do not be afraid to experiment. If nothing seems right, play with your accessories and add an extra something to your everyday look.

  • Casual Night Out:

    Going out at night is always a little special. Perhaps, you have a date with someone special, dinner with the family, or a casual work event – all of these are places where you cannot precisely dress formally, but you know that you are required to dress well. It is time for you to get all your creative juices flowing.

Pair a chic turtleneck with a pair of comfy trousers, pumps, and a coat on top. Swap a pair of comfy jeans with a pencil skirt and style it with an elegant blouse and stilettos. If nothing seems to work, just throw on a trusty little black dress. Customize your outerwear to your liking. If it is a chill laid back scene, throw on a timeless denim jacket. If things are going to be fancy, try on a blazer or a chic cropped jacket. Throw on some statement jewelry and complimenting shoes, and you are good to go.

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  • How to create stylish casual outfits?

Let’s create a sample look for starters. A solid pair of jeans and a t-shirt form the foundation of a good casual outfit. Build on it with layers using different textures and colors. Throw on a blazer, a coat, a cardigan, or perhaps a leather jacket. Finish the look with your favorite everyday sneakers or boots and a few accessories. Minimal jewelry, a chic scarf, a trusty handbag, and a kiss of makeup – that is all you need to create your comfortable yet stylish everyday look. Was that so hard?

Now that we have the basics sorted let’s discuss more ideas so you can up your fashion game this season. Here is how you can dress up every day casual wear items that you can rock with style.

  • T-Shirts

Who doesn’t love t-shirts? They are the most comfortable and versatile item in our closets, and we can never seem to have enough of them.

A basic tee can be worn in multiple ways. Pair one with a skirt or pants or wear one under a strappy dress for a refreshing new look. They can be dressed up using accessories and outerwear like a glitzy jacket, or they can be used to dress down a fancy outfit like a pair of flashy pants and over-the-top boots. T-shirts are that comfortable cushion that we can always fall back on without hesitating. Carry yours with style, and you can up your fashion game in a heartbeat.

  • Outerwear

When we talk about casual outerwear, all that comes to our mind are hoodies and jackets. They are comfortable and relaxed – everyone loves them. If you think hoodies cannot be styled, let us introduce you to athleisure. Athleisure is a somewhat recent trend in fashion that focuses on stylish athletic wear. Sweatpants and hoodies are now high fashion – it is every lazy minimalist’s dream come true. If you are heading out, you can style your hoodie and sweats with sneakers, boots, or heels even. Mix and match pieces. Hoodies look great with skirts and over dresses and skinny jeans. Throw on a funky necklace or a trendy bag for a more hip look.

When it comes to real leather jackets for women, they are a savior because they can take an everyday outfit from boring and essential to banger and badass. Be it a sexy real women’s leather jacket, a timeless bomber, or something more classic like an overcoat; they work anywhere and everywhere. All that you need to complete the look are your favorite accessories.

  • Jeans

Jeans are at home. They are warm, versatile, comfortable, and durable – who can hate them? The majority among us rocks a pair of jeans and a tee on the daily – it is practically a uniform at this point. Jeans are unfailing, so you know you can rely on them for anywhere and everywhere.

Opt for a classic pairing and rock your jeans with a t-shirt and jacket or an oversized sweater, perhaps. Pair it with a crop top and a bomber for a trendy ensemble. A denim jacket with jeans is also a classic pairing. Jeans are a no-brainer. They are the ultimate essential item that works with everything.

  • Skirts

Skirts are a classic regardless of their cut. Whether you prefer a mid-length number, a full-length maxi skirt, a pencil cut, or something a little more adventurous and exciting like a ruffled skirt, skirts flatter everyone. Pair them with dress shirts, t-shirts, or chic blouses depending on the setting you are headed to. Complete with look with a jacket, blazer, or cardigan and a matching pair of pumps, sneakers, or boots.

  • Dresses

There is an ocean of dress designs to choose from. From bold cuts to simple silhouettes, from sheer chiffon to breezy linen, from extravagant patterns to minimal prints – dresses are always a safe bet. You can play with their lengths, their style, and their cuts. You can accessorize them; however, your heart desires. Throw a cardigan or jacket on top for added flavor. Cinch your dress at the waist with a belt for a chic modelesque outlook. There is no rule here.

  • Footwear

Casual footwear is the best. Sandals, sneakers, mules, and boots are excellent in terms of comfort and style. All you need to know is what piece you need to pair with what to make a lasting impression. While dull hues are the most versatile, do not be afraid to play with colors and patterns because they always add an exciting element to your outfit.

  • Parting Thoughts

Dress codes can be tricky. Casual wear may seem like the easiest one to nail, but it requires a more evolved approach in reality. This is your handy guide to dressing casually with style. Look into various sources for inspiration and create your custom casual look every day.

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