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Cat Harness
By LARREN SMITH 122 views

Know Why Getting Cat Harness For Your Cat Is Really Important

Are you a cat parent who wants to do everything that enriches your cat’s life? If yes, you may also be struggling with deciding if getting a harness for your cat is the right choice. So, should you get one? Well, the answer is not pretty straightforward, and it is not a simple yes, as in the case of dogs.

While dogs generally like to be outdoors, not all cats like that. Some like to be on their own turf, while some like an occasional walk with the sun warming up their fur. Let’s say you have a kitten you want to train for everyday walks and incorporate going outdoors into their normal routine. Or, say you have a lively cat who loves it when you take it out for a walk. In either case, it makes sense to get a harness designed to meet the cat’s needs. Something that is comfortable on its body and keeps it safe at the same time. But there are several other reasons why a cat harness can prove to be extremely useful for your feline fellow.

Let’s understand the importance of a cat harness and how it can be useful for training your pet.

Should You Get a Cat Harness: Yes or No?

Cat owners may be divided on using a harness for their feline goofball. However, there is no one fixed rule on getting a leash when you own a cat, and depending on several factors, your cat may or may not like it. If your cat loves to hide itself under the bed, maybe getting it a leash is not a great idea. However, if you love to go on walks with your “extrovert” cat who loves to be outdoors, you need to get a cat harness. For instance, some feline breeds, such as the Maine Coon, particularly like being taken out for walks.

A cat harness may also be helpful when you are traveling, and you can buckle the cat in the car seat with the harness to ensure its safety. You should note that some cats may tolerate a harness, and some may not. Considering your pet’s instincts and behavior, you can try using a cat harness. Also, you need to train your pet accordingly so that it is not afraid or anxious and gets used to it slowly.

If you are still on the edge about getting a cat harness, some compelling reasons make it a good choice.

4 Reasons Why Getting Cat Harness Is Important

There are many reasons why a cat parent worries when their pet is roaming free outside – you may live near a busy road, and it may pose risks to its safety, the neighborhood dogs may spook your beloved cat, or your cat is way too curious and can wander just anywhere. This is especially true if your cat likes being outdoors or you want to train it to spend more time outdoors. In such cases, choosing an appropriate cat harness becomes imperative for the safety of your cat. Here are some reasons why you should consider getting a cat harness:

1. Safety

While many cat owners let their cats roam outside freely, many pet parents are releasing this, which may not be the best idea. The world outside may be risky for your little friend, including dangers such as:

  • Predators (large birds, coyotes, dogs, etc.)
  • Traffic
  • Toxins
  • Busy streets

But does this mean you should strictly keep your cat indoors? Absolutely not! To bond well with your cat and build a healthy, trusting relationship, harness training outdoors can be a great activity for your pet. But this experience has to be safe with leashed outdoor time. With a cat harness, you can allow your cat to explore the outside world under your supervision, making it a win-win for the parent and the pet.

2. Pet Enrichment

Though cats may be considered to be low-maintenance, less sociable animals, they do require mental and physical stimulation, especially the domesticated ones. In the lack of any physical activity outside for some time every day, a cat may get bored, which could affect it mentally and physically. It could manifest as various health ailments. While there are several activities for cat enrichment, safe outdoor time being one of them, could improve their quality of life. The outdoors can introduce your pets to various sights, smells, sounds, and tastes that are otherwise restricted indoors. If you leash-train your cat from an early age, it can open up a new world of possibilities for it. So, you can buy well-designed cat harnesses online or in a nearby store at your convenience.

3. Fun and Health

Everyone should be allowed to have fun – including your kitty. Cats enjoy sniffing around, chasing bugs, or climbing a tree, even if it is in your backyard. Throw in their favorite toy or catnip bubbles to enhance their experience. Additionally, cats may love to sleep, but they also like to be up and active at times. A little physical activity can help them maintain their weight, expend their energy, and utilize some of their instincts. With a cat harness, you can ensure your pet remains supervised and enjoys their time outdoors without any danger.

4. Better Control

A proper cat harness can be extremely helpful to control your pet’s movements, especially if you are training them for harness walking or they get startled and panic when outside. When a harness is well-designed for cats, it ensures they are comfortable and their bodies fit snugly. It will also help avoid any choking or respiratory issues, something extremely common in collar leashes.

Final Thoughts

For cat parents who love their pets to the core and want them to have the best time of their lives that enriches their experiences, harnesses can be extremely helpful. Whether your kitty likes to spend some time outside playing in the backyard, or taking a walk alongside you, their safety is of utmost importance at all times. Leave behind your worries and take your cat outside for some adventurous moments using a cat harness.

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