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international students
By GURKAMAL KAUR 1,007 views

 Major Challenges International Students Face In The UK

When you are moving to a new country then life won’t be easy at all. Trying to settle in a place that is miles away from your family and friends is a daunting task. There can be so many pressing questions in your mind regarding the way to adapt to the lifestyle. The irony is that you get the chance to meet and network with individuals across various backgrounds once you move to the UK. But at the same time, you end up disconnecting with the ones whom you love the most.

There are a plethora of challenges that disrupt a student’s life in the UK. These challenges need to be understood well in order to know what to do to beat them. The article will talk about all the ways to handle these challenges so that in the end you can enjoy a happy and peaceful stay in the UK. Want to pursue your higher education in the UK but worried about the immigration process? Put every doubt and query to rest by seeking guidance from the finest UK study visa consultants.

Continue reading the article to know the major challenges most students tend to face while settling in the UK


The major problem for many international students is homesickness. When they start living away from their loved ones the students are unable to cope with the new changes. Student life in Uk or any other foreign nation isn’t simple. The students need to cope with many challenges and stressful situations. So all this can make them miss their home dearly. Living alone without the emotional and financial support from your parents is tough. It can be traumatic for many. 

The situation can become worse to the point that the students require counselling to beat depression and anxiety. Homesickness can have a massive impact on academic performance and lead to more and more frustration with the passage of time. So what is the solution to beta homesickness? Well, these days social media has helped students get over the trauma of living alone to a great extent. Social media can help you connect with your loved ones anytime. See if you still feel depressed due to homesickness then you should consider going for counselling. Many students are hesitant to go for counselling due to the taboo about mental health. But there is nothing wrong with seeking help. Several universities in the UK have student counsellors to help students deal with their issues. 

Language Barrier

It is a well-known fact that Uk’s main language is English. But the problem is that so many international students are not too fluent in English. They can have good scores in PTE, IELTS or any other language proficiency exam. But that doesn’t imply their ability to speak and understand the language flawlessly. The results of these tests are no indicator of an individual’s English speaking abilities and knowledge. The reason behind this is the way the accent and local slang of the native speakers differs from the non-native speakers. It can be tough to understand the accent of the locals and interpret what they’re trying to say. But this isn’t a too big problem since the UK locals are friendly and cooperative. If you have the passion to learn something you will be able to master the accent as well as the local slang easily. Consequently, the problem of the language barrier will vanish away. 

Cultural Shock

There are so many cultures in the world. No two countries can have a similar culture. There will be differences in food habits, language, dress and other factors. You need not get anxious when you see these differences. See adjusting to a new culture is overwhelming for many reasons. It can take to understand the varied customs and regulations. It is better to research the culture of the city you’ll be moving into the UK. 


Finance is another major challenge for so many international students. The UK has top universities but many charge hefty fees. Due to the high quality of life, the common household items are expensive. Budgeting can be a major issue for beginners. Also, they don’t have a job so it is tough for them to manage their expense. You need to keep up with both long-term and short-term expenses. Students who are careless in planning their finances have to suffer later on as the fund’s exhaust soon. The UK isn’t the only place that students desire to settle in for education. If your plan is to study in the USA get assistance from the well-experienced  USA student visa consultants.

Summing it up

There are a plethora of challenges that disrupt a student’s life in the UK. These challenges need to be understood well in order to know what to do to beat them. We hope the article provided you with the apt guidance to do so.

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