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slip dress
By GRACIE HART 1,590 views

The Most Fashionable Ways to Style a Slip Dress

If there is one dress you need in your closet, it is a trendy slip dress! This chic gown has arisen again after decades, and we are here for it!

A slip dress is a type of dress that is designed to be worn under other clothing or as a standalone item. It is typically made of lightweight, silky fabric such as silk or satin and is meant to provide a smooth and comfortable base layer.

Slip dresses typically have thin straps or are strapless and are cut in a straight, relaxed fit that drapes softly over the body.

These dresses rose to popularity in the 1990s and have since become a staple of women’s fashion. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Slip dresses can be worn alone, layered over a shirt or t-shirt, or paired with a cardigan or denim jacket for a casual look.

You see, a slip dress has unlimited possibilities for layering. It’s the ideal piece for your minimalist wardrobe. With a belt? Waist defining. With a lightweight T-shirt? Perfectly casual. With a blazer? Ideal office attire.

In short, slip dresses are nothing more than an essential basis. So, if your wardrobe is missing a slip dress, we recommend you go shop for one because we’re about to show you some tips on how to style your slip dress this 2023.

Slip Dress Styling Tips in Summery Months  

For the warmer seasons, slip dresses should be styled with negligible layers. Here are our tips to help you style your dress when there is high humidity.

  • Add a Belt to Define your Waist

Oftentimes, a waist-defining moment is all you need. You can match your belt to any other piece you pick to wear, for instance, a good pair of sandals.

  • Pick an Airy and Light Fabric 

During those hot summer months, you do not like to be feeling like you wish to rip off the dress. Right? That can be helped by picking airy and light fabrics such as chiffon and silk.

  • With Flat Sandals, Slides, or White Sneakers for a Casual Look

Are you casually going to run some errands? You can simply throw on that dress. You can wear slides, flat sandals, or white sneakers to finish your look.

  • With a Lightweight T-shirt

This is certainly a casual yet stylish look! You can’t go wrong with a graphic Tee under your slip dress. This style has been trendy since the nineties. Just like two decades ago, it still works this 2023.

  • Go For a Bold and Bright Color or Print

Not because they’re a staple, but do they have to be in a neutral color? In fact, bold or bright color offers any look an extra pop.

You can try a tiger or floral print if an eye-catching color is something that’s too much for you.

  • Accessorize with Sunglasses and a Sunhat

Are you an avid lover of accessories? You can easily style your dress with your favorite sunhat. You can also finish this look by wearing exquisite Boucheron glasses.

As a plus, that look offers you added protection from the sun. How cool is that?

Styling Tips in Colder Seasons  

There’s no doubt that autumn and winter could be the best seasons for fashion. Further, not even the coldest months should keep you from wearing our timeless slip dress.

Here are more fashionable ways you can style your slip dress when it’s a bit chilly outside.

  • Under a Cozy Sweater

An ideal style hack is to use your slip dress as a skirt! You can top it off with a cozy sweater, and you are good to go!

For women who wish to add more shape to that look, you can just fold your sweater underneath at the waistline.

  • With a Cardigan

Who says you cannot look elegant and chic at the same time? We prefer to be both! And a comfy cardigan over a slip dress, exactly that!

  • With an Oversized Jacket

Keep in mind that a slip dress is always suitable for a casual get-together. You can go wild on the layering, or you can just cover it with an oversized blazer.

  • With Knee-High Boots

A pair of knee-high boots in neutral shades are the ideal way to zing up your slip dress in the winter and autumn months.

  • With a Stylish Blazer

A stylish blazer on top of the slip dress is suitable if you go for that modern office look. You can finish that look with a pair of ankle booties or sunglasses.

  • With a Leather Jacket

Do you wish to feel edgy and stylish at the same time? Why don’t you top your dress with your favorite leather jacket?

You can finish that look with combat boots for that edgy feel. The good thing about this look is that you can also wear it in the spring on that chilly night out with your besties.

In the hottest months, getting dressed up could be a sweaty concern. Rather than entering basics such as shorts and a tank top, go for something trendier like a slip-dress.

The sleeveless dress perfectly drapes on the skin without even clinging to it. That dress can also adapt to any temperature. If it is chilly outside, you can just cover it with a chic sweater. When it’s warm, accessorize it with sneakers or sandals.

And one of the cool things about the slip dress is that you can easily match it to any vibe. It can either be dressed up or down. That staple piece also goes well with nearly anything.

To sum up, mixing up your closet can seem like quite the challenge. The tips above prove that a dress could provide you with the sophistication of casual wear and the comfort of loungewear.

So, please don’t be frightened to get a hip slip dress to your closet a notch and dress these various fashionable dress styling tips!

Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer

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