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fashion Industry
By ALKA SHAM 1,267 views

How Technology is Changing the Fashion Industry

In this era of technology, the world of fashion is also changing as technology is revolutionizing businesses with the use internet, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Technology’s effects have been hard to ignore as we can see how E-commerce has taken over power from physical retail shopping.

The great advantage of online fashion shops has made it possible for organizations to expand their reach. Moreover, the use of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and other technology tools has made organizations more productive says Alka Sham. The positives of innovation in the world of fashion are monstrous. Here we have tried to identify and explain how technology has changed the fashion Industry.


The rise of online business sites is likely the most positive effect of technology on the world of fashion. The web is almost accessible these days around the world. By using mobile phones, fashion freaks around the world can bring home their favourites as well as get promotion codes or coupons on their apparel. Even installment payments through advanced wallets and applications have made shopping accessible more than ever. From the point of view of a business, E-commerce sites permit their clients to easily find items and get them from the solace of their homes with the least problem.

Design technology

The capacity to make interesting designs and styles is one more positive impact of technology. Back in the day, creators used to wind up making comparative plans without knowing which one will be successful. The speed of change has now made it possible for design plans to be modified quickly. Alka Sham says that innovation has likewise had a huge effect on how garments are manufactured. Highly sophisticated technologies are used these days to make bioengineered materials for use in garments and accessories.

3D technology

Digital printing innovation is most likely the greatest contribution of this technology evolution to the field of design. From gems to garments to shoes, everything is fabricated nowadays using 3D printers. Three-dimensional printing permits producers to add one of a kind itemizing and deliver a magnum opus.

Laser technology

Laser designing is another mechanical development that has become incredibly mainstream in the design business. Laser technology has been used widely by small manufacturers to huge originators to make design items that we see all around us.

Artificial Intelligence

The wide use of Artificial intelligence or AI is another technological change with a huge impact in the world of fashion. The present design world uses an immense amount of information. These businesses have just begun utilizing information technology-based analytics for the association, assortment, and investigation of any information that assumes a significant part in the business. Sooner rather than later, AI looks all set to make style shopping significantly more personalized, convenient and fun.

Internet of things

For design, this implies a radical change in the world of fashion. Clothing displays will have computerized abilities that open correspondence between the retailer and the client. The use of  IoT collaboration with the client helps in gathering the information that assists retailers with seeing the requirements and concerns of the client and make a more customized insight.

Virtual Reality

The rise of Virtual Reality (VR)  is rapidly changing the world of fashion by blending online and the world of retail. Gone are the days when clients would grumble about getting things that didn’t meet their expectations says Alka Sham. Numerous online design stores are as of now using VR empowered that permit customers to try on and check items virtually before buying them.

Alka Sham

Alka Sham was born on March 14, 1987 in USA to an English mother and an Indian father. She achieved fame in 2000's as a teen model and fashion designer.