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Technologies Changing the Game of the Real Estate
By STEPHEN MILLS 2,305 views

5 Technologies Changing the Game of the Real Estate Sector

You can do literally EVERYTHING from the comfort of your home. Wish to buy some grocery items? Order them online. In the mood to have some pizza? It’s just a call away. Need to make an investment? Just surf the net and it’s a click away. All you need is a laptop or a tablet and an Internet connection like an Xfinity Double Play package for instance. If you have these basics with you, you can do anything from your home. You can even take online courses. Technology has brought about many changes in various sectors, real estate is the most recent one.

Here’s how technology has changed the real estate sector’s operations:


Among many other industries, real estate is among the ones where automation has been a game changer. Automation is a blessing to every industry. Because it does not only save you the hassle to make manual entries, but it also speeds up the work. The software will perform the functions or calculate things for you itself. You do not have to worry about human error. Or staying back for long periods of time after office hours. Efficiency means less time wasted and more time invested in productive work. Hence, increasing the profits for companies as well. In the real-estate sector, automation has brought about the following changes:

  • AI innovations- these are insight tools used by agents as well as investors.
  • Machine learning- you can identify any discrepancies without any human intervention.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has brought about positive changes in many industries. You might not have noticed but AI assistants are very commonly used by various companies to answer the queries that the customers have. The many ways in which AI changed the world of real estate include:

  • Increasing the relevance of recommendations- Providing clients with options that best suit their preferences is essential in real estate. And AI does just that.
  • Sell better to people- An advantage of AI is that it never sleeps. Therefore, you can cater to the people 24/7. Hence, making more money on your transactions.
  • Long-term relationship building- AI allows realtors to build long-term relationships with their customers through the automated CRM system.

AI is a blessing to every industry including real estate.

Deal Management Platforms

These platforms help the relators to keep a record of every deal that they made. They help to organize everything in a systematic way. You do not have to worry about maintaining a record. The software does it itself. Apart from that, this software also helps real estate agents to carry out a risk management analysis and see what measures the company needs to eliminate the risks that it is facing. This, in turn, allows the companies to increase their productivity and reduce almost all the errors.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a game-changer. The way virtual reality has changed the way we view things is beyond amazing. I mean you can be sitting in one room and be surrounded by the Swiss Alps. Same is the case when it comes to the Real Estate sector. A client can visit a site without physically going to that very location. The many ways in which virtual reality is bringing about changes in the sector include:

  • The amazing 3D tours where the clients feel as if they are standing at the location.
  • An augmented reality where the clients can bring about changes to the existing design and structure. And see how it would suit the location.
  • Virtual reality headsets. Nothing works better than these for the agents and realtors. It helps the realtors to show the clients around the house through a lens and encourage them to make changes accordingly.

Social Media Advertising

Traditional advertising methods are almost extinct now. People rely on social media tools to promote their brands. Same goes for the real estate agents as well. The realtors and agents rely on social media to promote their company. The various social media platforms including Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram incorporate geofencing. This allows for more precise targeting of the audience according to their preferences. Hence, saving you the time that you might waste advertising for people who won’t be interested in your offer in the first place.

These are the many ways in which technology changed the way in which the real estate sector operates. You will have to keep one thing in mind. If you want to be efficient in the way you operate as a real estate agent, you will need access to an efficient Internet connection as well. You can consider Xfinity Customer service or the like. This will allow you to keep in constant touch with the clients as realtors are not always present in the office. So, you can carry out your work even when on the go.

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