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Out of your entire house, your child’s room is your favourite. (Even more than your own bedroom!) But have you thought upon the reason for the same? It’s because the kid’s room is just a replica of your child. It shares the same innocence, the same sweetness of your child and even the similar positive vibes! And you have put all your dreams and happy thoughts in designing the space. The most cheerful children’s space is created by experimenting with fun paints!

Tips for Choosing the Best Paint for Creating a Cheerful Kid’s Room!

Your kids just love colours and are the happiest when their rooms flaunt their favourite shades all around! That is the reason why the paint you choose and the shade of it are such important parts of decorating their room. Ayda Painting, house painters in Auckland, understand the importance of these colours and paints in your kid’s room and life. Therefore, they give you the most perfect finish and happy texture when they carry out the job for you. But before hiring them, remember to consider the below-mentioned points and choose your paint accordingly:

  • It should be child-safe — When so many chemicals are present in almost everything around us, ensure at least your child is safe from their clutches in her/his own room. In order to keep them the safest, opt for chemical-free paints. These don’t create breathing problems for kids at the time of applying or drying or even later.
  • Quick to dry — Pick a paint for your kid’s room which demands the least amount of time to dry. As the children are restless and wouldn’t stay away from entering their newly made or revamped room and are sure to touch the newly painted walls. (You definitely don’t want their handprints on the walls for sure!)
  • Matte finish is most preferred — When it comes to choosing the perfect finish, matte texture is most preferred for a kid-friendly room. The shine and gloss of oil paints often can’t be cleaned properly; and even if you clean it, the shine gets destroyed due to the wiping. That’s the reason a matte finish is most preferred for a kid’s room for a lasting luster.
  • Paint shades — When the question arises of choosing the right paint for your child’s room, we can’t help you! It should be totally dependent upon your kid! Ask your kid about her or his favourite colour and have the room adorned with the shade! Dark or pastel, neutral, or bold — your child’s choice makes it the most suitable and awesome for that space!
  • Type of paint — There are dizzying options in types of paints recently. But we suggest, you opt for chalkboard paint and other such child-friendly types of paints that can let your child open up more in their personal space. They’ll love doodling on it or even colour on it while they are in their room. And since these are easy to clean, even you aren’t stressed because of their hobby of writing on the walls.

They say the type of ambience around you moulds your personality. That’s why the colour, décor, and aura in your kid’s room also impact their persona a lot. Ensure it’s a happy room for a jolly child! 

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