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Clothing Ideas

Casual Clothing Ideas For Men Over Sixty

Choosing the best casual style of clothing shouldn’t be a problem for men at their sixties and above. Well, let’s admit the fact that most clothing brands are marketed with images of young models and icons. But not because grannies are more likely to wear those jammies doesn’t mean they’re out of style. Who says fashion is for young people alone? I bet when it comes to styling, age is just a number.

We’d often find senior men spending time in golf courses, country clubs, or casual dinners with their families. These settings require them to wear something laid-back but a bit more polished streetwear would be a great idea. In this article, I collected samples of fashionable senior men that you wouldn’t think had grandparents back home. Catch these ideas to look younger and feel lighter at sixty!

Classic SweatersClassic Sweaters

As people grow older, they would start wearing clothes that give them 100% comfort and relaxed feeling, particularly clothes that are not too tight and not too baggy. By wearing sweaters, you don’t just feel untroubled and warm but you also look modern and hyped, especially if you match them with plaid pants and the iconic driver’s cap. Sweaters could go along with either sneakers or leather shoes. While others go for turtleneck sweaters to minimize throats and jawlines that are no longer firm. Wear this outlay on a morning walk at the park or a casual breakfast in a nearby cafe. 


Plain White ShirtPlain White Shirt

No other clothes could be more casual than a plain white v-neck shirt. White shirts are an easy way to dress up in either in a hurry or laid-back situations. Imagine catching the sunrise on a lakeshore with an all-white top and bottom outfit. You can add some flavor by wearing a cardigan. I believe any color matches with white but they say blue is the most flattering color for most mature men with grey hair and lighter skin tone.  






Denim Jeans Denim Jeans

When going on a trip or a casual meeting with a friend, pair a white collared shirt with the iconic suit vest that complements to the entire outfit. Choose some dark-hued denim jeans for the bottom and ditch the black leather shoes for brown. Brown is always more informal than black shoes so it’d be a great option if you want to show-off your laid-back style. Don’t forget to do a brushed up hairstyle, that’s a secret you won’t tell to your friends.





Rolled -up Jumper PantsRolled -up Jumper Pants

The rolled-up jumper pants are probably the cutest thing I’ve seen on grandparents so far. I love the entirety of this casual style ‒ from the color coordination to the double denim and up to the little details like the timeless magician hat and of course the cute pair of ankle socks that run slickly between the rolls and shoes. It’s like seeing a real Super Mario. This outfit is ideal for casual tea parties, family gatherings, or maybe doing some regular work at the backyard.





Jogger Pants and HoodieJogger Pants and Hoodie

Whenever I hear the words casual and hype, jogger pants and hoodie jackets are the first things that appear in my head. These are something that’s not just worn by a certain age because, definitely, jogger pants and hoodies are for everyone. The main purpose of this style is to strive against the cold weather without losing a sense of style. Complete the sporty look with a baseball cap and a complementary pair of running shoes. When choosing the right color coordination, determine which colors can best complement your hair, skin tone, and eyes then emphasize these colors on your wardrobe.    

Sarah Contreras

Sarah is a lifestyle blogger, a household chef on weekends, and a fan of Queen’s music at the same time. She doesn't speak that much so she'd fairly express her philosophies through pages of blogs, literary compositions, and imaginative tales. When she’s not writing, she spends her precious little time thinking of what to write next.