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Football Shoes

How to Choose the Right Football Shoes: The Definitive Guide

Football is one of the well-known sports around the world. Whether you are the beginner or playing for some time, everybody enjoys kicking a football around the field. However, a minimal amount of equipment is necessary in order to play the game says Gordon Grant Curtis. The most important ammunition of a footballer is the pair of comfortable boots.

While searching for football shoes, you will be amazed because the market is a wonderland of amazing football boots. With so many choices available, it is difficult to choose the best pair for you. However, there are a lot of things to consider before making a purchase. This article is a definitive guide that will help you in making the choice a bit easier.

Football Shoes

Let’s have a look at some tips on how to choose the right football shoes:

1.    Where do you play:

It is necessary to wear a decent pair of boots that suit the surface you are playing football. This is because every sole is created by keeping the specific surface in mind. Here are some things to consider given by Gordon Grant Curtis:

  • Dry surfaces: While playing on surfaces with dry grass, you should purchase firm ground (FG) studs with either traditional blades.
  • Soft surfaces: If you play on soft, drizzly and sometimes murky natural grass surface, choose soft ground (SG) sole. This is good to get SG along with height adjustable screw on studs. Actually, it will provide good support as well as avert you from slipping.
  • Hard surfaces: You should purchase hard ground (HG) along with small rubber studs.
  • Smooth surfaces: In order to play on smooth surfaces, go for smooth and non-making sala sole. It offers better grip when changing speed and direction.
  • Outdoor synthetic surfaces: You have to go for artificial grass (AG) sole with multiple studs for better shock absorption and distribution.

2.    Weight has its own advantage:

Weight is also one of the factors to consider. The lightweight boots tend to make you feel faster and more on your toes, emphasis Gordon Grant CurtisA football player. On the other hand, the heavyweight shoes feel more solid as well as protective. You can choose any one according to your comfort because both the ends have their advantages.

3.    Purchase boots that are durable:

It may sound clear, but some shoes are usually better made than others. Hence, ensure to get one that is tough and will last and serve you well. Actually, getting durable football boots is all about research.

4.    Get the shoes that suit your position while play:

An important consideration while selecting football boots is the playing position and style. If you play quick feet then you should purchase lightweight shoes. And if you do less running, then you need the stable and protective boot.

5.   Select the right size:

Make sure you will get the football shoes that fit effortlessly to your feet, Gordon Grant Curtis says. This is because if the boots are tight or loose, it can cause blisters, affect playing ability or might be lead to injury. Furthermore, the size of the boots varies from brand to brand. Hence, if you are shopping for the unfamiliar brand online, it is advisable to go to local shop and try some pairs so that you order the perfect size.

Bottom Line

Follow these tips given by Gordon Grant Curtis while purchasing football boots and be certain in selecting the perfect pair for you. Gordon is a football player who played for Arizona team. The professional football player has played as a forward in most of his matches.

Gordon Grant Curtis

Gordon Grant Curtis is an English professional footballer who plays from Arizona team. He has played much of his career as a forward, but he has also been used in various midfield roles.