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Why You Should Use Modern Roofing Materials

Roofing your house is as important as the foundation of your house. A bad roof will cause problems for you later. While a good roof will shelter you from storms and bad weather. It will also save you money from constant repair. According to Coastside Roofing, an Australian roofing company, you need to buy the best roofing sheets. Coastside Roofing is a reputable family business that is known for its quality roofing materials in Australia. The firm prioritizes value over money.

The Evolution of Roofing Materials

Roofing materials have evolved over time. Nowadays, there is various research done to improve the quality of roofing sheets. In Sydney, building researchers found that the use of high-quality technology to produce excellent roofs is a good idea. An example is the use of cool roof technology. Cool roofs are modern roofs that have many benefits. Technology-wise and cost-wise, cool roofs have many advantages over other roof types. Hence, the researchers implore builders to adopt the use of such roofs in building houses in Australia.

Advantages Of Using Cool Roof

  • It is cost-effective.
  • Coastside Roofing, producers of Sunshinecoast roofing, discovered that cool roofs help you conserve your electricity bills. The reason is that they are cool when exposed to the sun. This is because they absorb less sunlight but reflect more sunlight. Therefore, on a hot day, your building stays cool, your AC won’t be overworked as a result, and you can save electricity.
  • The indoor temperature of a building with a cool roof is lower than the temperature of a building without one.
  • They reduce urban heating, thereby improving the residents’ health. That is, some people are vulnerable to heat and get heat stroke easily. This includes children, patients in the hospital, old people, and so on. But if their buildings have cool roofs in hot seasons, the buildings and rooms will be cool. Consequently, they won’t suffer from heat and heat-related problems.

How Are Modern Roofs Cost-effective?

A government official previously removed a policy that decreased the use of dark roofs. Initially, dark roofs are essential in reducing the cost of energy and heat in Australian homes. But it became glaring that cool roofs save money when the dark roofs were phased out. Even companies like Coastside Roofing began to advocate for cool roofs. Furthermore, a joint project by three building and architecture societies in Australia was then launched. The project was a study about the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of cool roofs in Australian homes. It also stated issues that might arise from using cool roofs.

About The Project On Cool Roofs

The project is about how the climate, climate, economy, and environment affect the implementation of cool roofs in Australia. The researchers used a model to simulate different climates to know their impact on cool roofs. Likewise, they did another simulation to know how the climate affects buildings with normal roofs. In the end, buildings in Australian cities that used cool roofs benefited more than those without cool roofs. In addition, this project encouraged other people to do more research on cool roofs.

The Research Result

From the project, researchers were able to see the importance of high technology in producing roofs that absorb less heat. These technologies are important for houses, especially in the summer when the heat can be extreme. As a result, scientists urged the government to prioritize the adaptation of cool roofs. Otherwise, the consequences will be bad in a few years due to climate change. According to SunshineCoast Roofing, roofs that absorb and emit high energy contribute to high energy consumption and climate change.

Why Cool Roofs Are Better Than Normal Roofs

According to the project, cool roofs save energy consumption and costs. The project analysed different buildings in Australia which backed this point.

  • Among the buildings analysed, houses that used cool roofs and have low insulation consumed less electricity. While newly constructed houses with high insulations and normal roofs consume much energy. As a result, residents in such buildings pay higher electricity bills than those living in cool-roofed houses.
  • From the project, buildings with cool roofs use less AC to cool the rooms than buildings without cool roofs. This also goes to show how less energy-consuming buildings with cool rooms are. To explain further, such buildings have cooler indoor temperatures and reduce further as the sunlight goes down. Additionally, this applies to hot seasons, as the cool roofs absorb less heat.

Problems Identified In the Project

The researchers identified a major problem in the houses analysed in West Sydney. They discovered that most houses there didn’t use cool roofs. This accounted for the high rate of energy consumption and the potential danger of overheating. If care is not taken, the region will start to experience mass overheating. Some residents in Western Sydney have developed health issues from the extreme heat such as heart problems, and so on. Thus, the government needs to do something fast before the issue escalates. Otherwise, residents will move from that region to a more conducive region in Australia.


To conclude, if all cities in Australia implement cool roofing sheets, then urban energy consumption will reduce. “In fact, there will be a nearly 45 per cent energy reduction in buildings across Australia,” says Coastside Roofing. These buildings will require less energy to combat the summer heat. Not only that, it’ll improve the quality of life of many people in Australia and make them save more money.

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