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By ANUJSHARMA 723 views

Reasons to use COD as a Payment option for Online Stores

Online shopping has transformed the way every merchant conducts its business and provides services to its target audience. As with the help of convenient platforms such as Shopify and Shopify custom development services, merchants can easily create an online store with just a few clicks. Moreover, with the right choice of platform and features, merchants can easily build up an amazing, interactive, and feature-rich eCommerce store to make their products and services easily available to their target audience. However, doing so is not as easy as it sounds as merchants must handle a number of factors for making their online store successful.

Among these factors, one of the most crucial and important factors is the payment methods provided by the merchant. A convenient payment and checkout system is crucial for ensuring that merchants provide their customers with better payment and the checkout experience. For this, they must include a variety of payment methods and ensure that their payment gateways are secured for transactions as well. With this article, today we will take a look into the major reasons merchants must use COD as an option for payment. But before we dive into that, let us take a look at the benefits of having a robust checkout system.

Benefits of having a proper checkout system

Checkout plays an important role in making an online store interactive and improving the shopping experience of the visitors. Because with the help of proper checkout merchants can make it easier for their buyers to pay for the services efficiently. Moreover, with the help of custom Shopify development merchants can also incorporate a variety of payment methods and other facilities to make it easier for buyers to make a purchase from their online store. Hence, we can conclude that having a proper checkout system is absolutely crucial for merchants to provide their buyers with an easy shopping experience and make their brands look trustworthy as well. Reason to choose COD for providing users an easy shopping experience

Cash on delivery is one of the most widely used payment options for buyers purchasing goods online. And businesses that include COD(Cash on delivery) as an option for receiving payments tend to experience more sales than their competitors. Because paying in cash on the delivery for a product makes this option a secure way to make a purchase online for buyers. Below is some of the detailed list of reasons that make Cash on Delivery a must include an option for merchants.

  1. Cash on Delivery is one of the safest payment options for buyers to choose for making first time purchases with any brand. Because in the case of COD they can easily avoid getting wrapped up in any case of fraud.
  2. Further, the COD option also makes your brand look more authentic as in the buyer’s mind it guarantees the availability of products and provides them value for money.
  3. Further, it can also aid merchants in efficiently providing services to people who are not using any form of digital wallet and have not adapted to the facility of internet banking yet.

To wrap up on Cash on the delivery payment method

Cash on delivery is one of the most widely used and convenient payment options used by buyers. As there are lesser chances of facing fraud while making payments through the COD option. Hence, having the COD option included in the online store is a must for every merchant to make their brand look trustworthy and increase their overall profit and sales efficiently,


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