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Back pain

Colorado Springs Chiropractor Shares How To Beat Back Pain

At one point in everyone’s life, we experience back pains, and these pains can be mild, medium or severe. It all depends on the underlying cause. Most times, too much stress results in back pain, says Tom Gehrmann.

Back pain is majorly caused by muscle injury which can be termed a sprain or ligament injury is also known as a sprain.

Common causes of back pain

There are several causes of back pain, a few out of many are mentioned below. They are:

Bad posture


Heavy lifting

Bad sleeping posture

Wearing a backpack that has a poor fitting

Disc rupture


When lower back pains occur often it reduces your work rate. It can sometimes be severe and unbearable pain or mild pain. But only a few experience chronic pains. There is this wrong motion on back pain, it is believed that back pains are caused by a disc bulge, whereas these said bulge discs are not as painful as back pain. According to research only a very minute percentage of a bulged disc can be linked to back pain.

For most back pains, mild treatment is required. For example, manipulation of the backbone, aligning the spine, massage and stretching of the body can help reduce the pain. Only a few require surgery.

When to consult a doctor

Don’t wait until the pain is becoming unbearable before you consult a doctor or a healthcare worker/chiropractor.

When you notice the below symptoms, please don’t hesitate;

Pain is becoming so unbearable

Recent fall

Pains in the night


Numbness in your buttocks

Pains during urinating

Leg numbness

Uncontrollable urine

When you just had an abdominal surgery

Home remedy

If you are experiencing mild back pain, these home remedies can go a long way.  Engage yourself in subtle physical activities instead of lying down always, place a heat bag on the affected area, stretch yourself gently, salt baths and you can also rub in Arnica oil on the area.

As the common saying goes; prevention is better than cure. To avoid back pain totally, here are tips to stay healthy:

Don’t give up on exercising daily

You may feel that exercise also contributes to back pains, yes it does but this happens when you exercise too much. Little exercise per day helps reduce back pain. You can rest for a day or two days, but too much resting can contribute to increased pains. Exercising regularly also helps to reduce inflammation and reduces tension in the muscles. Exercises like yoga, tai chi and more can help reduce back pain. You can also ask your healthcare provider or your doctors about the type of exercise that best suits your type of back pain.

Reduce your eating habit.

Eating too much can make you gain excess weight, and this excess weight results in lower back pain as the centre of gravity can be shifted. Your weight gain can rest on your lower back and when there is too much weight on your lower back, it results in pain. So it is advised to eat appropriately.

Ensure a good posture while sleeping

A good sleeping posture can help reduce back pains. When you discover you have back pain, you can ask for sleeping posture suggestions from your doctor. Well, there are a few I will mention here; if you prefer to sleep with your back on your bed, you can place a pillow under the knee and also another one under your lower back. Also, if you like sleeping on your sides, you can pull up your knees to your chest to reduce the pain. But if you love sleeping on your stomach, it can be hard on your back but there is still a remedy. You can place a pillow under your hips.

Also, pay attention to the type of mattress you use. Some prefer soft ones while others prefer hard ones. But it is advised to use a medium-hard mattress, especially for those with low back pain, says Tom Gehrman.

Standing posture

To be sure you have the right standing/walking posture, stand against a wall and check if your head, buttocks, shoulders and calves are touching the wall. If they are not touching the wall, know that your posture is not right. Once this is noticed, correct it immediately. And if you take a step farther from the wall and you notice your posture changes, you have to make corrections. A good posture reduces back pains.

Change your seat.

The way you sit might be a result of the type of seat you use. If your seat doesn’t have a straight back or support for your lower back, you should change it immediately. The back of your seat should be at 120 degrees. You can also use a cushion if possible. Also, your sitting posture should be corrected, if you are sitting wrongly. Your knees should be above your hips slightly, if you also need to lift your legs and place them on a stool, please do.

Final words

Back pains are the result of how we take care of our body, if you take care of yourself well, this can be avoided. If there’s a constant occurrence of back pain, ensure you visit your doctor to be sure of its cause, says Tom Gehrmann.

Tom Gehrmann Colorado Springs

Tom Gehrmann from Colorado Springs has proudly served as one of the “go-to” chiropractors. Today, he continues to offer the same sterling standard of patient service, chiropractic experience, and commitment to health