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smartphone issues
By ANAYA SHARMA 2,495 views

Common Smartphone Issues You Are Facing

Smartphones are electronic devices and they can come up with technical problems at any time. We cannot expect them to work rigorously without any problems. There is no need to worry about these problems as they might be minor technical smartphone issues. Some problems can be fixed with phone repair service and proper advice. These are some of the most common smartphone issues that people complain about and try to solve before they sell broken phones.

1. Phone lagging or slow functioning

This is one of the most common smartphone issues that each of us fighters faced at least once. A smartphone just gets tired like us. We keep on using them each day and night. It is used for work as well as entertainment purposes which can be exhausting for it. You need to keep a check on the Ram which is the random access memory and also the storage space. We might unknowingly dump or pile up files that we do not even need. Despite pressurizing the processor and that is the reason your phone might be lagging.

2. Issues with battery

There can be issues with your battery life drainage problem or the battery won’t be able to recharge itself quickly as it should. These factors get affected because of the way you deal with your smartphone. You must not overcharge a mobile phone. Different factors can affect the battery life of a smartphone. You might want to exit the applications that are running in the background and switch off the location services from applications when not needed. You might want to let your device rest before you send it to an online mobile repair service with professional guidance.

3. Storage space issues

You might be receiving a lot of images and files on your WhatsApp. You might also like to click pictures and that is why your gallery is probably full. This is one of the reasons that your mobile phone is occupying most of the space on your smartphone. You can easily go into your settings menu and check for the storage space available on your smartphone. You can see which application is occupying how much space on the device. Accordingly, you can decide to erase the files that are not needed anymore.

4. Delay in loading of an app

There might be a delay in the downloading on loading of an application on your smartphone. This might be happening because of the cachet that has been piling up on your smartphone. You must learn to erase the cachet with time and make it a routine.

5. Issues with charging port

Charging port 10 to deteriorate what time. There might be moisture, dirt, or even rust filling up in the charging port area. You cannot help this but only can take prevention search as putting on a phone case or keeping your phone in a clean environment. It is also necessary that you plug in the charger of your smartphone with care and pull it out with A light hand.

6. Connectivity issues

Connectivity issues referred to the connection of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. There are many more connections that could be considered in the smartphone. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are the most used connected devices, as the main factors of connectivity in a smartphone. When you are not able to connect your Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to another device, you can simply try to turn on your flight mode or restart your smartphone. This will help the mobile phones to rest for a while and then get back and try to connect again.

7. Overheating of device

Overheating of the device can be considered another battery issue. This is a whole different category as not always overheating is causing smartphone issues of battery. Your phone overheating because of various other factors as well. Over usage of the mobile phone can pressurize the functioning of the whole device. You can also feel that your mobile phone is swelling up which is a very bad sign. You could let your mobile phone rest for a while while you feel that it is overheating. You could erase the files that you do not need anymore. You could also switch off the GPS, Bluetooth, and other mobile location services that you are using on your mobile phone.

8. Sensor issues

A mobile phone has various sensors on it. We have sensors on a fingerprint detection area on a smartphone. The market has also introduced a face recognition feature which is another way to find out another mobile phone. The back camera also might have sensors in many of the brands. These sensors might be stuck with moisture or dirt on it. You must clean your mobile phone so that the center will keep on working and one creates any obstacle.

However, you need to keep in mind that you clean the sensors with only mobile phone solutions that are available. Using any other kind of liquid or solution can ruin your mobile phone.

Anaya Sharma

Anaya Sharma is Writer and Gadget Researcher. She has completed her BA in English literature from Mumbai India. She is specialized in technology.