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Dwayne Cros - Tips for Artists
By DWAYNE CROSS 1,457 views

Concert Promotion Tips for Artists

In recent time, musicians, comedians, and other talented artists must be very proactive about promoting their concerts. Venue owners and event managers like Dwayne Cross will, definitely, do their part in publicizing your event, but the major responsibility often lies with the artist.

Every artist needs to think of it this way. If you’re an artist, your aim is to have a successful concert, however, you likewise have a greater objective to attract more fans, build your brand, offer more of your music, and hold more shows in the future.

Here are some ways you can promote your concert to achieve those desired goals:

Press Releases and CDs

Even if the venue is a distribution out press releases, you should forward them to the media in the city where you’ll be performing, too. Also, try to send out sample CDs to local DJs and music reviewers. The objective here is to increase local radio airplay of your music and even arrange an interview before your concert. It will help you to boost ticket sales and this way you can promote your music!

If your concert concurs with an album release, it’s essential that you send previews of your album to the local radio stations and media, so you can get press coverage and broadcast for your music leading up to and after the concert.

Your Band’s Website

An incredible band website can enable you to reach out to more potential fans. While it’s imperative to have social networking profiles and pages on locales like Facebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud where you post your music, you ought to have your very own website, as well. The reason is obvious. This is your space online that you can control. Regardless of how Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms change their rules, later on, the content on your site and the visitors that go to your site are 100% yours!

The content on your website must include photographs, recordings, your story, and obviously, your upcoming show dates. Your site should give individuals another approach to encounter your music and build up an association with you and your image that prompts faithfulness.


Videos standout among st other promotional tools for artists, so start recording them at the present time! You can make music recordings, a film from earlier gigs, interviews, and even off camera recordings of you practicing, composing, traveling, and the sky is the limit from there. You can turn sound documents into recordings, as well. Your fans love noticing how you make!

Keep in mind, the quality shouldn’t be dreadful, however, it doesn’t need to be perfect either. Footage from a show where individuals are moving and having an incredible time is an intense advertisement for future shows. Folks love to share recordings on social media, which implies they’re an extraordinary type of verbal advertising, as well.

Promote at the Concert

Try not to disregard the show, itself, as an opportunity to do more promotion. Of course, it’s too late to promote your current show, yet you can utilize this as a chance to associate with new fans who may purchase your collections after the show. It’s additionally an ideal time to excite individuals about future shows.

Ensure you have an area put aside to offer collections and promotional stuff like T-shirts and guard stickers. These things are extraordinary for informal showcasing after the show.

Final Words

So these are concert tips from Dwayne Cross for the artists to create a win-win situation in the industry. And this is how you can make your show a big hit and memorable for the audience.

Dwayne Cross

Dwayne Cross has a colourful background that has seen him tour most of the globe. This is particularly interesting that now he organizes tours for others. His background goes all the way to the streets of Chicago where Dwayne learned his first “trade”…basketball. After moving to California, Dwayne took his basketball skills and earned a scholarship to university at United States International University San Diego (USIU). Upon graduating Dwayne played professionally in Turkey in Europe for the European Cup, and South America (Argentina) and Australia. He also had an exciting one and a half years as a Harlem Globetrotter.