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Contact Lens
By JOE MAILLET 1,307 views

Contact Lens vs. Glasses: Which Should I Wear?

Choosing between the contact lens vs glasses is usually a case of personal preference, although some people also struggle with the idea of actually putting contact lenses in! 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade, or can’t decide whether to wear a contact lens vs glasses for a special occasion, here are all the pros and cons of each. That way, you can make an informed decision about which is the best option for you. 

Contact lenses

Pro: No obstructions

Unlike glasses, contact lenses don’t come with a frame that obstructs your view. Although you may not think that the frame will obstruct your vision that much, the frame still takes up valuable angles that your eyes can look out at. This small yet mighty impact obscuring your view can mean you don’t get the same experience as everyone without glasses. Contacts conform to the natural curve in your eye, giving you a wider field of perception. Therefore, if you want to take in the entire view before your eyes, contact lenses are the way forward. 

Pro: Ideal for sports

Sport contacts are a much better option for those who have a passion for fitness. Glasses can easily be knocked off, becoming angled to get dirty while playing sports outside – making contacts a much better option for those with active hobbies. You don’t have to concern yourself with whether they will get broken while playing or about your sporting abilities being affected if you aren’t allowed to wear glasses, such as in contact sports. 

Pro: Contacts are weatherproof

Everyone who wears glasses will understand the frustration of steamed-up lenses or rain splatters on the glass. With contacts, none of this is an issue. Instead, you can go about your day, no matter the weather, and not be concerned about how many times you will need to dry and clean your glasses, particularly if you know that you will be outside for the majority of the day. 

Con: Tricky to use

Some people find it difficult to apply contact lenses. There is plenty of advice online, or your optician can help. However, for some, it’s just too uncomfortable to try! The key thing to remember here is that it will come with practice, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t get the hang of it straight away. 

Con: Potential dry eye syndrome

As contacts cap the eye, it can reduce the amount of oxygen received by your eyes. This can impact or cause dry eye syndrome. This is not something that you want to contend with. However, of course, you may find that this is something that you never have to deal with. This is the risk you take.  

Con: More maintenance

Unlike glasses that can be put on and off, contact lenses do require more maintenance. If you use disposables, you’ll need to ensure you take them out every day. Reusable contacts need to be properly cleaned before use to reduce the risk of eye infections. It is of high importance that you stick to a schedule and if you do get an eye infection you seek out medical help. 


Pro: Reduced chance of eye infection

With their protective lens, you are much less likely to touch or rub your eyes during the day. This could significantly reduce the chances of gaining an eye infection from bacteria you’ve collected on your fingers. 

Pro: Ideal for sensitive eyes

People with watery, dry, or sensitive eyes can often struggle with contact lenses. Glasses are a great alternative, as they don’t come directly in contact with the eye – meaning there’s no chance of them exacerbating the sensitivity. 

Pro: Cost-effective

Unlike contacts, once you’ve got your glasses, you’re set. There’s no need to order more disposables or pay for cleaning fluid. As such, glasses are typically a much cheaper option – unless, of course, you choose designer frames. 

Con: Distortion

Glasses frames can get in the way of your peripheral vision, which for driving or working can be frustrating. Although they do help you see every day, this slight annoyance can be too much for people, so much so that they don’t like wearing glasses. 

Con: Changes your appearance

A lot of people hate having to wear glasses and may even choose to go without and accept their blurry vision. One major difference between contacts and glasses is that frames can significantly change your appearance or hide your favorite features. It affects people’s confidence a lot. 

Cons: Not weatherproof

Another major downside to glasses is that your site can be affected by the weather. A quick change in temperature can cause your glasses to steam up, or a rainy day might make it difficult to see through the droplets gathering on your lenses. If you’ve been wearing glasses with face masks during the pandemic, you’ll know all too well that they can easily get fogged up. 

Joe Maillet

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