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Nowadays, most of the peoples are familiar with the contact lenses. The contact lens is nothing but a medical device that you can wear it right on the corner of your eye. People can correct their refractive errors by using contact lenses. They also have the capability to improve the power of the eyes. If you want an accurate vision with enough safety, then using the contact lens is correct to measure but it should be handled with care and used under proper supervision.  The contact lens must be selected as per the doctor’s instruction. It is considered the proper replacement for your eyeglasses. Let’s see some more effective information here regarding this that will help you choose the right lenses.

Here are Different Type Of Contact Lenses And The Benefits:

Hard lenses:

Contact lenses

The water content in these contact lenses is very low and they are difficult to wear.  The use of hard lenses has been drastically reduced in years, but they are recommended in some special cases.


  • They are customizable and they easily fit your eyes that are why the sharpness of the vision is much better with these types of lenses.
  • Inflammatory conditions are very low because the hydration levels are very low.
  • The hard lenses are very easy to clean and handle.

Semi-Soft Lenses: 

While compared with the hard lens, the semi-soft lenses have more water content. Following are the benefits of semi-soft lenses.


  • They help you to restore the power of the eyes, vision sharpness is also better when compared to hard lenses.
  • Compared with the hard lens, the semi-soft lenses are more comfortable to wear, because it has high water content.
  • They can be worn continuously for 12 hours.

Soft Lenses:

The soft lens is considered as the most familiar and popular contact lenses and is being used widely nowadays. Due to the high level of water content in the soft lens, it can be worn for a longer time.


  • They are more pleasant to wear for a long time. and can be worn for up to 14 hours.
  • They are supremely appropriate for sportsmen, actors, pilots, and air hostesses.
  • They are easy to maintain and clean.

Importance Of Contact Lens Hygiene:

Contact lenses

Although there are, various horror stories about contact lenses you will face any problem with lenses only when you don’t take care of proper hygiene. You have to follow some of the points while wearing the contact lens.

Here are a few things to be kept in mind while using these lenses:

  • Every time you have to wash your hands with mild soap in clean water before going to insert or remove your contact lens.
  • If the blister of the contact lenses gets broken it means, you should not use it.
  • The wearing time of the contact lenses is mentioned in the packaging. If the time of wearing is mentioned for 10 – 12 hours per day means you shouldn’t extend it beyond this time.
  • You should remove the lenses while sleeping.
  • You should keep the lenses in the solution they come with.

Before wearing the lenses you need to get your eye tested with an ophthalmologist who will not only test your eyes but also recommend you the right lens that will be comfortable for your eyes.  In case you face any side effects after wearing the lenses like burning or itching you must immediately see your doctor.  These are all the instructions the people should follow while going for the contact lenses.

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