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content marketing
By KOLLIMITED 1,355 views

Why Content Marketing is Must for Small Business Owners

Every business owner is concerned about getting more leads and increasing sales. If you are a business owner then ‘how to grow your business online must be on top of your mind. There can be many ways to achieve that, advertising is one of them but the cheapest form is content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Many of you might be aware of this term but there are still many who don’t understand what is it all about. If you thought that it is just blogging and writing articles then you might be partially correct. It is much more than this, there are many content formats to help you connect with your audience and build a strong bond with them. It enhances audience engagement with your brand and helps in improving brand recall. Here we have outlined some of the reasons why small businesses should include this type of marketing in their business growth strategy.

Cheaper than other forms of advertising

Content marketing is much cheaper than other forms of advertising. It offers high returns on a small investment. Traditional outbound marketing can cost 60-70% more than content marketing.

The average cost per lead is much less and returns are high and long term. Also, leads generated our quality and are three to four times the number of leads generated through traditional marketing tactics. It can help you bring more traffic to your website.

It can boost your sales, for example, email marketing is a part of content marketing, and it helps you reach your targeted audience. The return on investment is also very high. You can outsource the work to a content marketing agency or hire a content writer to work in-house.

Reach a bigger audience, your fan following

Your SEO-centric articles can reach a bigger audience, who can become your followers. As they will share your content, your fan base will keep on increasing. Content marketing efforts can give you long-term results, year after year. It is the opposite of paid campaigns.

Check out any brands in social media, content is on top of their strategy. Just increasing the frequency of your social media posts can exponentially grow your followers. Builds customer trust Its major benefit is that consumers start trusting you. And with trust comes more and more engagement and sharing. This in turn enhances the brand recall value. And yes, as trust increases, they are more likely to purchase from you. It is a sure-shot way to nurture your leads.

Your organic search visibility goes up

Your organic ranking on SERP will get higher and this will result in more visibility and you will reach more prospective buyers. Brand awareness articles and content educating consumers can be very engaging and can rank higher on SERP, resulting in more traffic to your website and in turn more sales.

If looking for a content marketing agency, connect with KOL Ltd. They have the expertise and experience to handle brands dealing in any niche. Digital platforms offer a great opportunity for small businesses to achieve success. So capitalise it!


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