Couple Therapy

We all know relationships are hard to continue. Like vehicles, they need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. If there is an issue, it’s necessary to have a solution right away to evade further complications down the road. Other times, we need to rely on a professional to take a look and give us a solution says, Shaun Cohen. It is interesting how effortlessly and rapidly we take such steps to repair or stop damage to our vehicles. But when it comes to our relationships, we often evade taking advice until the situation has become worst.

Sadly, most couples try therapy when a major amount of damage has already been done. But there is nothing wrong to go for therapy if you feel your relationship need somebody helps. Following are some couple therapy exercises and techniques you might experience during a couples counseling session:

 Couple Therapy

  • Therapy starts with the basics – Initial therapy sessions are devoted to getting to know you two and your rapport. Your therapist tries to know your individual’s backgrounds and how you two met. Hence, it will appear like an interview format. However, as your counseling progresses, a classic session can tend to feel more informal.
  • Reviewing last week’s tasks – Couple has repeatedly given tasks or assignments to work on at home between therapy sessions. You have to discuss what you have erudite from these home assignments and whether or not they were hard, successful or useful.
  • You will discuss open-ended questions – The therapists let the couples converse anything that happens to be on their mind that week. Open-ended questions about the forthcoming week and topics discussed in the past are a great jumping off points to considerate conversation. You can even use the time to congratulate or appreciate your partner on something they have accomplished. It helps to know more about the other individual, Shaun Cohen says.

This has been noticed that most couples are more likely to share things with each other when there’s a therapist in the room. Hence, it makes sense that the therapist would want to block off time during a counseling session to open the discussion to anyone who might have accusations or even optimistic thoughts to share.

  • Receive a task for the next session – As your therapy progresses, the therapist will convey tools for good communication. He/she will look up for the solution you need to master in real-world situations. The therapist also gives you task or some couple therapy exercises for the coming week like homework. These couple therapy exercises will help improve your relationship.
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Shaun Cohen
Shaun Cohen
Shaun Cohen from New York is a therapist whose purpose is to facilitate growth and better understanding in his every client.

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  • Alice Carroll says:

    It’s interesting to know that open-ended questions tend to be a staple in couples therapy. A friend of mine is considering talking to her boyfriend about undergoing one because they have been having differing expectations about where their relationship would go. Confronting that issue would surely help in preventing their relationship from falling apart.

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