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How many times did you go to your backyard, take a good look around, and feel like something is missing? Well, maybe all you need is some landscaping and redesign to finally claim that space as your private retreat. If you are wondering how to create a backyard oasis, here are some ideas that could make a difference.

Big potted plants

If you want to create a backyard oasis, you need greenery and nature to be dominant in your outdoor area. Big potted plants are excellent to highlight the resort-style and you can simply move them to another spot if you want to change the design a bit. If you need something organic to breathe in life into the stone landscape, oversized plants in modern white or gray pots are a subtle way to achieve that balance.

A relaxing water feature

While it may be expensive, having an in-ground swimming pool is one of the best investments you can do for yourself. Spreading string lights, adding lounge chairs, and planting canopy of trees will make even the chilling by the pool exciting. If a swimming pool is way over your budget right now, soaking in a hot tub is equally relaxing and soothing. Think about turning it into a large spa that can fit six or more people to turn it into one of the party attractions.

Intoxicating scents

The serenity comes when you can appeal to all your senses. While visual aspects of your backyard oasis will be enough to relax, having intoxicating scents will make the experience divine. Start with scented candles you can spread on the patio floor, coffee table, or hanging in the mason jars. For a more natural feel, plant flowery shrubs and vines that will blossom day and night, like jasmine. Have them close to your favorite relaxation spot to feel the full effect of their fragrant power.

Improved seating area

Nothing screams resort more than a generous seating area with pergola roof installation and tall plants for the background. Adding a large coffee table will give you a great reason to host guests in this area or simply have dinner for two. However, if you are looking for something more exciting, swing sofas are trendy right now, especially if you have an amazing view from your backyard. Those wanting to make a big statement will do well with the outdoor clubhouse, giving away tropical vibes in your private oasis.

New lighting arrangements

Lighting can help you define the atmosphere in your backyard oasis and make the whole space settle down into the scenery. Hanging bulbs above the seating area or something softer like string lights will help you set the desired mood for some alone time or entertaining guests. Don’t forget to install lights along the pathways, trees, steps, and fence to increase visibility and show off the area at night. If you want to put something in the spotlight, use accent lights that will help you create a huge visual impact.

An outdoor fire installation

There is something magical about the sound of flames burning that makes people automatically cozy up and feel calm. A fire pit is one of the most popular ways to introduce fire features into your backyard and the best thing is that you can even build it yourself. Add it in the middle of the coffee table to make the seating area more dramatic, or create a separate area for it for casual hanging-outs in the evenings. If you want something more extravagant, consider installing a fireplace that will keep you warm outside in the winter as well.


You will often hear that life is all about the little things. However, it’s also good for you to do something big from time to time. Creating a backyard oasis fits that well since it will give you a nearby hideaway from the daily stress and a place to embrace mindfulness.

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Emma Williams
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