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logo design company
By AARON LEWIS 1,296 views

Tips to Create a Unique Logo for your Brand

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to creating a logo. Businesses with a good solid budget hire a designing expert from a logo design company; however, startups with tight budgets look for cheaper ways like free online logo generators or hand over the logo-making task to a friend who knows a bit about designing. Undoubtedly, getting professionals’ services is a way better option as the logo is the most crucial element of the branding process.

Fortunately, businesses have started understanding the importance of overall branding. Today, entrepreneurs know that they can’t survive in the market if their brands are not legit. To make your business legitimate, it’s essential to register your company’s name and logo and give it a physical and digital address. It is the only way to make people start trusting your brand and build a long-term relationship with your company.

According to marketing experts, if you want to make your brand stronger, you should use your logo everywhere from physical outlets to all social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc. A logo is your brand’s face, so it should be out-of-the-box, unique, and quirky. There is no denying that logo making takes a lot of time if you opt to make it on your own. Besides, when you decide to make a logo on your own, there’s a lot of risk of making blunders, and you can’t afford an imperfect and poorly-designed logo if you mean a real business. On the other hand, for businesses, every minute is crucial, so they should prefer a logo design company that can make a unique and alluring logo for their brands.

Here, we share some simple tips that will help you create an attention-grabber logo for your brand.

Bring Simplicity In Your Logo

The first thing you need to stick in your mind while making a logo is to keep it simple and attractive. Logos are usually based on text and shape. You should make sure that both the elements remain simply creative. You can take the examples of Nike, Apple, and McDonald’s logos. All these brands’ logos are pretty simple, which makes them easily recognizable.

Be Original

Many small startups are inspired by their favorite brands, which sometimes make them their logo design. There are many other ways to pay tributes to your idols, but copying them is not the one, especially when it comes to the logo. It’s your company’s identity, and you can’t ruin it by copying a design. To get the best logo, you should take assistance from a top-notch. To make a stronger brand identity, you must come up with something unique and out-of-the-box.

Be Creative

You need to think out-of-the-box if you want your logo to be stand out. Creativity doesn’t mean that you should come up with complex designs. But creativity is something that makes you come up with a design that is unique but simple. Amazon’s logo is the best example for any designer associated with a logo design company.

Don’t Rely On Special Effects

The professional designers at any logo design company keep the usage of special effects minimum and pay more attention to design. If your logo needs a lot of special effects to get a nice look, it means it’s not well-designed. You can add effects to give a final touch but can’t rely on them while designing a logo. Say thanks to your designer if your logo looks exceptional and gets praised by others without any special effects.

Use Adobe Illustrator

It’s not like that you need a logo that’s only used on your website. You want a logo that quickly gets adjusted everywhere, from the products’ packaging to different social media postings. To ensure that your logo remains clean and clear when resized, you should prefer Adobe Illustrator and use vector graphics.

Select Decent Color Combination

Many people think that colorful logos are more impactful. All of them are wrong. Choosing a logo’s color theme is one of the most crucial parts of the logo-making process. The looks of your logo depend entirely on your color choice. So, first, finalize the design and then move to select a color theme for the logo. You can take a look at the logos of some of the world-famous brands, including Nike, Apple, Calvin Klein, Samsung, LG, McDonald’s, and many more.

Select Font Style Wisely

Another common mistake that most freelance designers made is they use different font styles in a logo. It makes your logo look overwhelming and not pleasing to the eyes. So, to make your logo recognizable, pick the font style wisely. We suggest you take help from a prominent logo design company instead of relying on any non-professional designer.

Pick Symbols Intelligently

Whether it’s a phrase, symbol, or image, anything which gets overused becomes cliché. Nike’s ‘Swoosh’ is easily recognizable because it never gets utilized by any other brand before Nike. However, if you plan to use symbols that are overused and common, then wash away this thought and come up with a creative idea.

Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis is a social media executive, a digital artist, blogger, and an avid author. He likes to depict concept art for brands and upload tips and tricks on his Instagram. He plans to pursue his career as a social media strategist.