Out of all the ways to see the world, cruising is definitely the most underrated. People talk about flying and going on road trips all the time, but both of these lack the comfort and versatility that cruises offer. Instead of being crammed in a tight space and cranky when you finally reach your destination, you’ll get to start your vacation as soon as you embark on your cruise ship.

While you explore the luxury vessel, you’ll also get to see some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Cruising is definitely for those who want to be truly well-traveled and see the best of the wonderful Earth we live on. Here are some destinations that will make you fall in love with cruises as a way of travel.

1. The city on water- Venice

Venice might just be the most unique European city. Commonly known as the city on water, the historic and awe-inspiring town will give you many opportunities to get to know Italian culture, whether you’re in or out of the boat.  Those who believe Venice will soon sink should remember that the city survived both world wars as well as Napoleon’s conquest. It can withstand whatever you throw at it, and it’s ready to welcome you into its unique life with open arms.

One of the most amazing things you’ll see in Venice is definitely the St Mark’s Square and the Bridge of Sighs.

Venice cruising

2. Finally finding Alaska

Cruises aren’t the first thing that come to mind at the mention of Alaska, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find quality cruises. In fact, the cruises of Alaska go into the most beautiful sights the island has to offer. The Glacier Bay National Park, the Kenai Fjords, and the Tracy Arm Fjord will no longer be a mystery to the curious traveller. 

One of the most amazing sights you’ll witness on this cruise, however, is the five-storey tall wall of ice. The wildlife in this part of the world is also unique, allowing you to get closer to nature on a whole other level. Bears, whales, and bald eagles will be a common sight.

If you have the opportunity to disembark on this wonderful island, definitely take advantage of the train running through most of the scenery for an even better experience.

3. The Polynesia of your dreams

Located somewhere between the USA and Australia, French Polynesia might be a dream come true for many travelers. The collection of 118 islands is roughly the size of Europe and will, therefore, offer endless opportunities for exploring.

Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Moorea might be the three of the most beautiful cruises in French Polynesia. Cruises are perfect for French Polynesia in general, as they allow you to see multiple islands instead of just one. Due to the extensive number of islands that make up the area, you can see why cruises would be a better choice than and island holiday.

Bora Bora became famous in the Second World War when the US troops discovered it. Today, it’s one of the most peaceful islands you can visit. This in no way means that it’s boring as you can swim with sharks and feed stingrays. The Tahiti and Moorea islands will also provide excellent scenic opportunities. This is especially true for Moorea as it is heat-shaped. If you’re into water activities, you should go surfing on Tahiti and scuba diving in Moorea, as these experiences are better here than anywhere else in the world.


4. The wild & untamed Tasmania

A Tasmania cruise is the perfect way to get to know the enigma that is this unique Australian island. The cruise around Tasmania is simply magical, as you get to explore waters clearer than you’ve ever seen before. Australia takes great care of its nature, and that’s noticeable by the state of the island as much as the state of the water.

Once you disembark from your ship, feel free to explore the best the island has to offer. Don’t miss nature walks and hikes which will bring you closer to the heart of the island and its wildlife. As well as that, definitely don’t skip the main cultural attractions such as Hobart. This destination is full of museums and gives an air of history you simply haven’t experienced before. 

Your time on Tasmania will show you how the old can work perfectly well with the new, and how the urban can complement the untamed. This oxymoron of an island will also provide you with the most beautiful coastal views in the world, so don’t forget your camera.

5. Her majesty Norway

Though Norway is famous for its unique and somewhat distant culture, as well as turbulent history and cold weather, it also has a lot to offer to a lover (or soon-to-be-lover) or cruises. The Norwegian Fjords are one of the most beautiful gems you can find on Earth.

Each fjord has its own scenic characteristics, so exploring all of them will in no way bore you or be the same. Some are decorated with towering mountains while others are surrounded by traditional rural farms. Let’s not forget the amazing waterfalls you’ll also be lucky to see.

Being close to nature even when you’re on a cruise ship is not impossible, as the Norwegian fjords are home to a multitude of seals and whales. You’ll also get to cross the Arctic Circle, where the sun never sets. Few people can say they witnessed the Midnight Sun first-hand and revelled in its stunning beauty.



As you can see, cruising is definitely one of the best ways to see the world. Not only will you get to spend months just enjoying yourself, but you’ll also get to see some of the most amazing destinations in the world. These destinations can’t be explored any other way, as you’ll simply miss an aspect of their beauty otherwise. We’re confident that the cruise you choose will be life-changing, as well as that it will give you valuable insight into the world around you.

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