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custom facemasks
By PRATIK SHAH 1,594 views

A Brief Guide to Sell Custom Facemasks Online

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Custom facemasks were classified as personal protection equipment, and it is used to prevent a person’s nose and mouth from contracting the dangerous Coronavirus. When purchasing a face mask, buyers consider the level of protection it offers. 

Numerous fashion companies have already noticed this shift in consumer behavior and have responded by introducing a unique line of designer face masks. Consumers may purchase for an up-to-date look that matches their outfits. However, web-to-print software has developed as a substitute for fashion brands and online printers. 

They will not only give their customers unlimited face mask customization options. But they also provide them with the chance to adopt a cost-effective strategy. You don’t have to make preliminary investments in the printing and production of designer masks.

What are Custom Facemasks?

Due to their extensive use, many custom printing businesses have started creating and printing personalized facemasks to meet demand. The good news is that you have many options if you are looking for a bespoke face mask.

If you are working with a company that manufactures custom masks allows you to come up with your designs to suit your preferences and aesthetics. Custom masks are fantastic for various uses for many people unfamiliar with facemasks. 

They can be used for weddings, receptions, birthday parties, religious festivals, and other special occasions. The advantages of personalized facemasks for you are entirely safe and secure from disease.

Make Your Listing Look Attractive

Mask listings should be clear, concise, and simple to read. They should have clear pictures of your masks and be simple to understand. The type of cloth, measurements, and instructions for wearing can be noticed whether it is washed and other crucial information. 

It should all be included in the product description. To emphasize the color and substance, your product’s images should be taken in natural and vivid light. To demonstrate the fit of your masks, you should also include pictures of several people wearing them.

Avoid Making Health or Medical Claims

You should avoid making health or medical claims when designing your mask listing. If you put COVID-19 in your listing, your customers can be misled into thinking that your mask will protect them from those diseases. 

So, you must avoid comparing your fabric face mask to N95 masks or respirators, indicating that they are CDC or FDA-approved. Facemask design software will provide a custom facemask to guard against or stop the spread of infections. 

You might think these facts about your masks are actual, but you must avoid making any statements until you are very particular about them.

Add Useful Hints for Your Mask

Your customers will benefit if you provide advice on how to wear and care for their masks in your mask listing. You can attach a graphic to your item with bullet points on how to wash and wear the cover properly. 

In order to ensure safety for themselves and those around them, provide your customers are aware. They should be adhering to the instructions on the CDC website when it comes to using and removing their face masks properly.

Be Specific About Your Offering

First, you must be specific about what the consumer will receive in the mail when establishing a face mask listing. Because no two people have the same facial shape or fit preferences, masks are a complex product to market.

It will assist in lessening the potential of returns or unfavorable reviews if you are explicit in your description of what they will receive. Additionally, you should be clear in your product description on the cost & approximate time of delivery. 

You should consider if your POD supplier doesn’t include shipping in the listing price. Additionally, buyers won’t have to worry about their mask coming late if it is needed for a particular event or given as a present if the delivery time is made apparent to them.

Highlights of the Product

A simple technique to guarantee that your item appears in search results for customers is to highlight the qualities of your product. So, you need to promote your mask’s features, such as ear straps and the material. 

They provide the best option, which comes both machines are washed or even reversible. These traits will be used as keywords by consumers in their online searches.

Offer Fun Design for Everyone

The key to generating sales and keeping your consumers satisfied is providing various entertaining and original designs that might appeal to different people. Web-to-print software will make your masks in a variety of hues and patterns. 

These may include plain colors, patterns, images of well-known people, logos, and more. More people are likely to stumble into your store and find something they want to buy if your store carries a wider choice of styles. 

Social Media Promotion for Your Store

Once your store has added masks and is operational, it is critical to spread the news about your new offering. Don’t be afraid to post pictures of your covers on various social networking sites. 

You never know who your friends are on social media, so post links to your store there and urge your loved ones to share your new product on their pages. Please don’t hesitate to use social media since it gives free options to promote your mask business.

Mock it Up and Print it

Be proactive with client mockups while keeping your printing offer simple. If possible, stick to printing on lighter fabric with plain, water-based ink. With several mask platen attachments, they will be the task that is most straightforward to complete.

 You need to see a specific video for instructions on screen printing on masks. Additionally, they advise being proactive and creating mockups of the masks with customer logos on them.

Final thoughts

COVID-19 has encouraged the general public to put on face covers, such as facemasks, to shield themselves from droplet nuclei or droplets. They sneeze, cough, or speak, and custom facemasks online help protect them from the Coronavirus. These crucial safety devices have developed from essential surgical facemasks into branded facemasks with distinctive styles to match the wearers’ current attire. 

Pratik Shah