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social media platforms
By ERVIN AHBABOVIC 2,394 views

Make Money On These Social Media Platforms

Do you desire to have a second source of income and ease your financial burden? Are you unsatisfied with the amount of salary or wage you receive? Then you might want to read this article. This article is about how you can monetize some social media platforms and earn some cool cash for yourself.

Why social media, you may ask? Social media is one of the best places to earn money. This is because millions of people are on various social media platforms. ‘So why not take advantage of this and earn some legal money to fund your lifestyle,’ admonished Ervin Ahbabovic.

Ervin Ahbabovic was once a military officer in Serbia in the 90s. He returned to his hometown after his military service to become a military and civil officer. Afterward, he migrated to Europe, Southeast Asia, and Malaysia, then later settled in Indonesia. He established himself as an educationist and entrepreneur in hospitality.

According to Ervin, many people have become millionaires on social media and can save up for their retirement.

These are some of the social media you can make money from:


Twitter has a tip jar feature for users to earn money. You can send and get money with this feature. The money-making process is not complicated. No matter what your job is, you can create a post and get money. However, the downside is that only those who understand English can use it. But one of its advantages is that you can connect your tip jar to any cryptocurrency account you own.


Instagram is a picture and video-sharing platform. Instagram also pays its popular content creators to support them. How do you get paid? When you go on live videos, people watching your video must buy badges. Then they send them to you while you are still on live. Only people with registered Instagram accounts can send you badges. You can also earn money from affiliate marketing. Another way is to sponsor posts or advertise for other users and get paid. Most popular influencers on Instagram advertise for brands and business owners and get money.


YouTube is a video-sharing platform like TikTok. YouTube recently created a segment called ‘youtube shorts’ for YouTube shorts creators. You can earn up to a million dollars and more, depending on the popularity of your video. Anybody that uploads a YouTube shorts video is eligible to receive money. The criteria are that you must have a certain number of views, and engagements with unique videos. You will receive a monthly payment if you become eligible for payment. Go to YouTube to read the terms and conditions for participating in content creation. In addition, you can find instructions on YouTube shorts video creation on YouTube and Google.

Furthermore, there is another way you can earn money, and that is through normal video sharing. You can just upload a video on your YouTube channel without creating shorts for it. The number of subscribers, views, and likes will determine the popularity of your videos. Once you attain the required view and subscribers, you will get paid.


TikTok is another video-sharing platform where users can create and upload their videos. TikTok also pays its users for viral video content. However, you must have a minimum number of real followers and views before you can get paid. This opportunity is available to selected countries worldwide. After payment, you can withdraw your money after thirty days.


If you create content that has the required number of views on Snapchat, you’re eligible for payment. You can earn up to one million dollars every day for your content. Snapchat has a feature called spotlight where users can upload their videos and share them with the world. It is up to Snapchat to preview your videos and share them once it passes the review stage. People using Snapchat will then find the video on Snapchat search and stories. Once your video becomes popular on the platform, Snapchat will pay you as much as you earn. However, the spotlight is only limited to certain countries.


Facebook is one of the most popular social media globally. You can create content like posts, images, and videos. There are many opportunities of making money on Facebook. The platform has diverse money-making options for content makers and influencers. Additionally, it has a wide range of digital tools used for monetizing Facebook. You can stream your ads, create content for brands, and so on. Only those with business pages on Facebook can earn money. Your page must follow the terms and conditions, otherwise, you may not earn money. The number of views and subscribers will determine the amount you earn.


Instead of using social media all day without payment, use your time there to earn money. You don’t need to be a technology expert to be able to use social media digital tools. Many social media platforms come with instructions for users on how to make money on their platforms. Turn your social media account into a business one and use business tools to navigate your page. Ervin Ahbabovic advises people to start today, use their page wisely, get those views, and make money.

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