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Using WordPress to start a website has always been a must-have skill for every web designer. In addition to the software installing on the computer, other online services that can provide logo creation are even more indispensable. Because the design requirements are so necessary, the cost of preparing this logo making software is also quite high-rate. If you can have a free experience, then for web design work, this is a great experience. You feel that it is feasible to use and later pay. If you are also a web designer or icon maker, then this post might as well be an example to check what this kind of tool provided.

Take DesignEvo logo maker as an example 

The showcase online logo is DesignEvo. This free online logo making service website can be used immediately even without a registered account. But it will require you to register or log in your account when you want to download, share, or save your works.

How to use DesignEvo to make your logo

If it is your first time to use DesignEvo, The wizard will appear on the screen before starting creation. You can click it in sequence, or you can skip it and start using it. In addition, this tool is localized to 7 languages including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Japanese and Chinese.

In addition to millions of icons are available on this tool, there is also a wide range of templates that can be applied to customize, which can reduce the creative time of creators. So it would nice for the case if you want to redesign your logo.

After your logo personalization is completed, it can be downloaded.  But do not forget to check what your logo looked by using the preview function. You can also download your logo works for free, but the resolution of the file is relatively small, which is a point to note.

If you need a high-resolution logo file, you need to pay for it. There are two options for paid image files, which are $29.99 and $49.99. You can decide whether to pay for purchases based on your needs. For details on the price of the solution, you can check the detailed description on the DesignEvo official website.

In conclusion

Regarding this type of online design website, if the finished works are applied for commercial, then the authorization of the pattern needs to pay special attention to the description of the website terms of use. If it is used for design training, the free version can be directly operated.  Compared with Canva, a commonly used online image production site, although the icon creation operation is not smooth, DesignEvo specializes in logo making, so it has its advantages, like a huge of templates over 10,000, and continuing increase.

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