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Gift customized coffee mug for a teacher
By JOE MAILLET 1,462 views

Customized Coffee Mugs for Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Each year there is a designated time set aside for students and parents to show their appreciation for teachers. Teachers are the building blocks of a successful, educated, and happy generation of youth and without them, children wouldn’t be able to learn the necessary knowledge in order to be successful in life. While there is an endless amount of ways to show your appreciation, one unique and special way to do so is by giving your child’s teacher a customized coffee mug. Since teachers typically have early mornings and long days, many of them tend to drink coffee or tea of some sort to start their day off on the right foot. With customized coffee mugs, not only can you show your appreciation for your child’s teacher, you can also provide him/her with a useful item that has plenty of meaning.

Benefits of Using a Coffee Mug to Show Appreciation

Since so many other items can be used to show teacher appreciation, you may be wondering why a mug is best. Consider these advantages:

  • Coffee mugs are used daily
  • Teachers can use them for drinking or for storing small desk items
  • They last
  • Ceramic mugs are inexpensive

Where to Find Custom Ceramic Mugs

Before you can design or buy any custom coffee mugs, you’ll of course need to know where to purchase them. To find the biggest variety of coffee mugs, including mugs in all different sizes, shapes, types, and colors, browse online to find a company that offers customizable coffee mugs. You’ll find mugs made of glass, plastic, stainless steel and more! Online you will find the widest assortment as well as the best prices. If you have plans to purchase customized coffee mugs for several different teachers, keep an eye out for multiple item discounts. I liked Joshua Tree Mug Company’s coffee mug, everybody has their own choice but I liked their mugs. I liked the one which says, “Coffee Runs Right Through Me” They provide more than 400 kinds of mugs and 3 styles which pretty amazing. You can check their website for customized coffee mugs so that you can relate to what I am trying to say.

How to Design the Mug

With customized coffee mugs, you’ll of course have to add your own personal touch to make the mug one of a kind. Considering a mug meant for a teacher, there are several different graphics and texts that can be added to the mug to make it one of a kind. First, consider adding some sort of graphic that relates to teaching. Think of an apple, a blackboard, a school, and anything else that comes to mind. If the teacher teaches a certain subject, make sure that is portrayed on the mug. Be sure to let your child play a large role in designing the custom coffee mug since it is of course from him.

Aside from clip-art, photographs can also be added to coffee mugs. If you have access to a class picture, what better way to celebrate a teacher than a mug with her favorite students? Once you have clip-art or some other type of graphic picked out, you can then move onto the text. A simple message of thanks and appreciation often works best though the options are truly endless. In the end, what’s most important is that the custom mugs you design for a teacher are unique and heartfelt.

So, it can be said that when it comes to teacher appreciation gifts, nothing works more like a charm than giving out Customized Coffee Mugs.

Joe Maillet

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