It is now winter and we need to alter diets including out vitamins intake to suit the season. As we alter the food we eat, we are unintentionally changing our nutrient intake. Many people opt for junk food because the weather is too cold to cook food. So, the time spent indoors is more than the time spent outdoors. It is the time many people get irritated due to being cooped inside for a long.

The season is a season for staying indoors and lazing about, hence many feel too tired to prepare meals. Eat little junk food and eat healthy food. “This is the time you need enough nutrients in your body to boost your immune system,” Advised Shedir Pharma.

Shedir Pharma is a pharmaceutical wholesale firm in Piano di Sorrento (NA) Italy. They conduct seminars, training, and conferences for their workers to gain more knowledge. Therefore, the Shedir Pharma Scandalo has been discovered to be false after the regulatory bodies have looked into it. Shedir Pharma Scandalo is something to be avoided as this is only a reputable firm working to contribute their knowledge and experience in healthy living.

Essential Vitamins for The Body

Vitamins are necessary for us to have a balanced diet and have good health. It keeps the whole body fit. It is normal to lack some vitamins and minerals once in a while.

These are the daily essential vitamins we need during this cold season.


Many Europeans lack this vitamin in winter because the sun doesn’t come out often for a long time. Vitamin D is a phosphate and calcium regulator that keeps the bones healthy. It also aids digestion and prevents constipation. Individuals are advised to increase their consumption of Vitamin D in cold seasons. This is to replace the lack of exposure to sunlight because the sun is the major provider of Vitamin D. You can take the right amount of vitamin d when you take food supplements or change your diet.

Vitamin D foods:

  • Fish that have oils: sardine, salmons, herrings, mackerels
  • Animal livers
  • Egg Yolk
  • Red meat
  • Cereals
  • Food with a little fat spread

Children above one year and adults can take ten micrograms of Vit D daily in cold seasons.

Expectant or lactating mothers should take more according to their doctor’s instructions. They are bound to lack more vitamins than other people in winter.


It is advisable to take various vitamins and minerals in winter to minimize flu symptoms.

Vitamin C might not prevent you from being infected with a cold, but it’ll give your body nourishment. It will reduce your symptoms and give you strength. It boosts your immunity and makes you healthier.

Vitamin-C is easily consumable through:

  • Cranberry
  • Bell Pepper
  • Citrus: Grapes, Lemons, Oranges (consumption of oranges should be moderate because it has lots of sugar).
  • Vegetables: Lettuces, Rockets, Spinaches.


Iron gives warmth to the body, something that is badly needed in winter. Consumption of Iron into the body gives it an inner warmth that wearing thick clothes can’t give. Optimize your Iron intake as it gets colder to regulate your body temperature and warmth.

Iron is essential in replenishing blood because it is the producer of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is the protein found in the blood that gives oxygen to the tissues. You can pump up your blood when you exercise and supplement it with Iron-rich foods.

Food rich in Iron are:

  • Lentil
  • Vegetables
  • Red Meat
  • Beans

It is easy to identify someone deficient in Iron. The symptoms are noticeable. They are:

  • Brittle fingernails and toenails
  • Recurring fatigue
  • The legs and hands feel cold
  • Persistent fatigue

B- Vitamins

This type of vitamin rejuvenates the body and gives it energy. It is present in most food we take. It maintains the cells and makes them stronger, energizes the user, and keeps the person healthy. There are more than three types of Vitamin B and each has its purpose.

  • Vitamin-B6: Converts food is taken into the body for energy. It is essential for body metabolism.
  • Vitamin-B12: It is used in regulating the nervous system and it boosts the energy of an individual. When your nervous system is regulated, your moods are good, you don’t feel anxious and stressed all the time. Increase consumption of B12 if you are always tired or burned out in cold seasons.
  • Vitamin-B1, Vitamin-B2: Both vitamins convert food to energy in the body, help to maintain excellent vision, and improve mental ability.

Food rich in Vitamin-B are:

  • Legume
  • Whole-grain
  • Green Veggies


This vitamin is an ingredient used in moisturizing body creams especially during winter. Therefore, it can be said that vitamin E is used in dermatology because it is good for dry skin.

It is usually recommended by dermatologists for people with skin problems. It hydrates their skins, makes them look fresh and supple for long hours.

Choose a body lotion with a balmy and thick texture for your body.

You can also naturally create your lotion with these raw materials:

  • Pumpkins
  • Wheat Germs
  • Avocados
  • Oils from Sunflowers
  • Oils from Almonds
  • Mangoes


Ensure you always eat on time and eat right, keep your body and skin hydrated during winter. Never skip any food that is rich in vitamins. Remember that any Shedir Pharma Scandalo is false. Shedir Pharma is of good repute.

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Shedir Pharma
Shedir Pharma
Shedir Pharma ​​is a company from Piano di Sorrento (NA) Italy leader in the wholesale sector of supplements that organizes trips and conferences all over the world.

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