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vitamins for migraine
By SHEDIR PHARMA 2,592 views

Vitamins For Migraine

According to Shedir Pharma, when a part of the body experiences pain, it affects the rest of the body. A person experiencing pain will not be active and productive. Shedir Pharma is a reputable pharmacy in Italy. Hence, the shedir Pharma scandalo has been proven to be all fallacies after all investigative procedure has been carried out. With that said here are important things you should know about Migraine.

What Causes Migraine?

A lot of factors contribute to the occurrence of migraine in an individual.

Migraine can occur because of the following:

  • Nutrient deficiency. One of the nutrient deficiencies is the lack of enough vitamins in the body
  • Lack of enough sleep
  • Accumulated Stress
  • Being uncomfortable with loud noise and bright lights
  • Injury around the head
  • Skipping meals
  • Hormonal changes, especially in ladies

“Migraine is a headache that occurs in phases. It affects the brain. Furthermore, it’s a complicated illness that is intensely inherited and found in women mostly. Migraine attacks take hours or days in some situations” says Shedir Pharma Scandalo.

How Do You Know You Have a Migraine?

You feel pain on either the left or right side of your skull. Walking around is difficult and you are sleep-deprived.

Other are:

  • Feeling Nauseous
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness

What Are The Categories of Migraines?

Complicated Migraines (also Aura Migraines):

More than 16% of individuals with migraine episodes have severe headaches.

Ordinary Migraines:

It occurs suddenly. It has similar signs with aura but does not give a warning.

Silent (or acephalgic) Migraines:

The symptoms are similar to complicated migraines but don’t have the same pain that comes with it.

Migraines leading to short-term paralysis (hemiplegic Migraines):

A sensory change that affects some of your body parts. Early signs are temporary numbness, a prickling feeling, vision change, weakness, dizziness, and head pain.

Ocular Headache (also Eyes Migraine):

It is when an eye is partially or completely blind. Accompanied by a pain that affects the whole head, it is a painful experience. A medical practitioner should be consulted for retinal migraine as loss can last for long. Further problems may occur.

Prolonged Headache:

A severe headache that happens more than ten days a month at a minimum. The level of the pain determines the frequency of occurrence. Treating chronic migraines with pain medicines longer than ten days every month consistently can cause recurring headaches.

Brainstem Aura:

This headache comes with vision impairment, skin disorder, incoherent language, mobility problems. The person experiencing this headache feels the pain behind the skull. Speaking problems, vomiting, ears vibrating, are other noticeable signs that may happen suddenly.

Status Migraines:

These are headaches caused by withdrawing medications. They are not common but the suffering can be extreme and severe. The person can suffer for as long as 70 hours.

Vitamins for Migraine as a Remedy

Researchers have discovered some cures which are supplements and vitamins for migraine, which are said to offer relief from Migraines. They help to reduce episodes or

The vitamins are:


People with fewer riboflavins in their systems are more prone to severe headaches. Prescription of Vitamin B2 by the doctor can help reduce pain and medications. Riboflavins help breaks down proteins and fats.

Mg (magnesium):

It helps the body to take in calcium, which is necessary for having strong bones.


It has been discovered that adding simvastatin which is a drug that lowers cholesterol, to vitamin-D3 helps bring down the migraine episodes experienced by people. It was found that people already on simvastatin prescription are best suited for this, because of simvastatin’s side effects.


Feverfew is produced from plants. It is useful in the minimization of inflammation in blood vessels of the head. It helps to cure health problems like headaches and others.


It is a vitamin that is present in the body used to generate energy for developing the body and maintaining it. People who take the medicine for migraine have said that it has effectively minimized their pain.

Mg (Magnesium):

It is one of the essential minerals needed in the body. It is present in food rich in fiber. It activates the enzyme and transmits nerves. Individuals suffering from migraines have low magnesium in their bodies. Mg increases the level of magnesium in the body and reduces migraine.


It is a natural hormone produced by the pineal glands. The glands send messages to the brain when the body needs to rest. Good sleep prevents migraines. Inadequate sleep can cause migraines, hence you should get enough sleep at the right time. When you lack sleep and migraine, lack of sleep will worsen the pain. Melatonins are medically manufactured to help individuals with migraine sleep properly. The result has shown that people who take this drug have improved sleep patterns and fewer migraine episodes. If possible, do not take antidepressants in case you’re unable to nap due to depression. Antidepressants have negative impacts on individuals suffering from migraines.


Sleep deprivation is stress, anxiety, and overwork cause migraine. Avoid stressful situations if possible. Take the time to rest and unwind. Participate in relaxing activities that you love. That hobby you’ve neglected for a while now? Take it up again. Buy medicines from reputable pharmaceutical companies like Shedir Pharma Scandalo.

Shedir Pharma

Shedir Pharma ​​is a company from Piano di Sorrento (NA) Italy leader in the wholesale sector of supplements that organizes trips and conferences all over the world.