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David Borshell - media and entertainment industry
By DAVID BORSHELL 2,338 views

The Media and Entertainment Industry Trends for 2018

Videos on request, content streaming, advertising and hyper-targeted content – are just a few of advancements in the entertainment industry. These developments will transform the media and entertainment business in 2018, according to David Borshell.

But a big defy for the entertainment companies this year is to find how to make good customer experiences. As there is huge customization of experience across all brands, content, and marketing.

Luckily, patrons will likely continue to create more and more data about their preferences, relations, habits, places, etc. Hence, there is a good market opportunity for enterprises to use this data to target their content and marketing.

Content discovery is also one of the market opportunities for media and entertainment industry. In fact, success may lie in emerging friendly understanding of the audiences. And the entertainment companies are trying to reach audiences by tapping social media because this platform has become a great way folks learn about new TV shows.

The entertainment industry trends for 2018 suggest that it is not just technology. But it is power move from maker to spectators that is driving growth and change says, David Borshell.


Where can you See Opportunities for Growth in 2018?

With the advances in the smartphones, video, and wireless technologies have ignited an explosion in the evolution of streaming services. And the streaming services are cultivating numerous of media and entertainment industry trends including:

  • More Attention to Virtual and Augmented Reality:

Every media and entertainment companies are looking to making their content different. Therefore, the virtual and augmented reality technologies will gain more attention because of their aptitude to augment storytelling.

  • The Evolution of Audience Targeting Advertisement:

There are a lot of innovation concerning data analytics and personalization as well. According to David Borshell, this year we can see entertainment industries expanding spectator’s information with social media.

  • The Emergence of vMVPDs:

The vMVPDs – Virtual multichannel video programming distributors such as YouTube TV, DirectTV now and others with whole up to 20 percent of the subscriber market this year.

  • The Rise of Cord Shaving:

Most of the viewers are going to replace their multi-channel subscription services with streamlined solutions. Hence, more entertainment companies will grab the opportunity to leverage this rising demand.

From the Technology Perspective – The Key Areas to Watch in 2018 comprises:

  • 4K Videos:

Nowadays, most of the people prefer to purchase 4K TVs. The customers are demanding that every watching experience match what they get in their living rooms.

  • Autonomous Vehicles:

The autonomous vehicles will rapidly emerge as influential media delivery devices. David Borshell says that travelers may be interested in an extensive range of new viewing windows.

  • 5G Wireless:

The media and entertainment industries will take the advantage of this pivotal technology this year to maximize the power of 5G.

Wrapping Up

With the changes in technologies, the entertainment industries have enormous opportunities to service their present and probable subscribers. David Borshell has given the above media and entertainment industry trends that you will see this year.

David Borshell

David Borshell is an accomplished Senior Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 30 years of success in the media and entertainment industries. David has guided companies through formation, growth, industry-changing technology innovations, market disruptions, financial difficulties, and domestic and international expansions.