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Declutter Your Bedroom
By BREANNA HOWEL 236 views

A Quick Guide To Declutter Your Bedroom

Imagine going home after a long day to find clutter all over your bedroom or waking up to piles of clothes and other unnecessary items. An organized bedroom gives you fulfillment and easily makes the space look bigger, even without expensive renovations. You feel relaxed when you go to sleep and wake up ready for a brand new day. So, how do you get rid of the clutter? Here are ten simple ways.

10 Ways To Declutter Your Bedroom

Cleaning your space is important for your overall physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Piles of clothes and other extra items lead to excessive clutter in your bedroom, which you want to avoid. If you are overwhelmed and unsure where to start, the following steps will guide you.

Think About Function

Are you facing a huge mess after not clearing out your space in a while? You can start by planning the process and finding various ways to utilize your space. For instance, clothes may be piling up in a corner because you don’t have a laundry basket or a designated storage solution. Find the most problematic areas and consider the best ways to use existing drawers and storage solutions.

Start With a Clear Out

Are you wondering why spaces in minimalist homes are always neat and organized? Because they only keep the items that they need. They eliminate unnecessary things and avoid duplicates, which makes the room look more spacious and clutter-free. Your goal will be to narrow down the purpose of the room. Anything you don’t need or don’t contribute to the room’s purpose must go.

Create Piles

Now that you are starting to move things around and clearing out items you don’t need and rarely use, the next step is to separate items for a more organized cleanup. All the clothes, shoes, bags, and other items will go to one of the following piles.

  • Keep: Everything you use daily and must be in the bedroom go here.
  • Store: These are the items that you need in the bedroom but don’t necessarily use daily. They include heavy clothes and blankets for the cold seasons that need short—or long-term storage.
  • Trash: Before decluttering, you need a trash bag ready to hold all the items you no longer use. These may be broken, worn out, or anything else you want to get rid of.
  • Recycle: Based on your local laws, you can have a separate pile of recyclable items like old papers, cardboard boxes, and more out of the items that you want to trash.
  • Donate: Among the items you don’t need or rarely use, you can give them to friends or family or donate them to a charity.

Organize the Clothes

Clothes are responsible for most of the clutter you find in bedrooms. Start with the dirty piles and store them in hampers and storage containers, then go to the clean ones that need to be stored in the closet. If the space is insufficient, you will start by cleaning out the closet and doing away with the items that you don’t wear or don’t fit. The space available should be enough to fold and store the remaining clothes.

Invest in Furniture With Storage

Sometimes, decluttering is hard because all your closet and shelf spaces are full. Having a spacious minimalist wardrobe with a lot of storage space is a good investment to keep everything stored inside. It can help you stay organized and make your bedroom and add a touch of design.

Reorganize Your Bedroom

The goal is to reinvent your space so that it looks neat but still functions. Some tricks include mounting your TV, moving your bed to the middle, or getting more storage furniture. You want to make the space look less busy but functional for all your needs. You will have more space to work with and will love how big the bedroom will look.

Get Rid of Any Decor You Don’t Love

Your choice of decor also affects how your space looks. If you choose many bulky and loud items, attention will be drawn to them immediately, leaving your room looking too cluttered. Minimalist decor pieces with simple colors look stylish and classier and will still make your room look great without feeling overpowering.

Make Use of Space Under The Bed

One space that is usually overlooked is the one under the bed. There is too much room available that you can use as storage, especially when you have limited space. You can have bags, drawers, and boxes to store seasonal items, which will go a long way to avoid clutter.

Group Belongings Mindfully

Decluttering narrows down to how you style your bedroom. How are items displayed? How have you arranged them together? Take nightstands, for example; you want to ensure you don’t overcrowd the space by adding only a lamp and a few decor items. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong on the stand and see how it makes a huge difference.

Utilize Wall Space

There are several more creative ways to utilize the space in your small bedroom to avoid decluttering. The wall is an excellent solution for your storage and shelving needs. With the right placements, like floating shelves, you can use the wall for decor, artwork, books, and other items. It is a win-win when you need more storage space and want to avoid cluttering.

How To Avoid Bedroom Clutter

Now that you have all the tips you need to quickly get rid of clutter in your bedroom, you want to ensure that you can maintain it. It’s one thing to clean up but another for it to stay neat and organized. Take a minimalist approach where you only keep the items you need and, if possible, find storage spaces. Also, ensure that you control your piles of clothes, provide storage for dirty ones, and organize the clean ones in the closet. With the right tips and tricks, you will regain control over your space, and your decluttered bedroom will serve its purpose: relaxation.

Breanna Howel

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