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Minimalism is all the rage these days, and thanks to people like Marie Kondo, decluttering your home has never been such a fashionable idea. With more people working at home either temporarily or on a permanent basis, space in our houses is at a premium. Getting rid of excess and unwanted possessions is a fantastic way to make more room for what we really want and need.

Benefits of decluttering

Removing clutter from your home is both liberating and uplifting. It can increase your happiness levels, decrease stress, boost productivity, and help you sleep better. Another benefit it brings is time — the fewer possessions you have in your house, the less time you have to spend cleaning or searching for things that you can’t find. You might even discover some valuable or sentimental possessions that you’d forgotten about!

Decluttering is also a great opportunity to reinvent yourself and start again with a fresh perspective. Speaking of fresh, it can also rid your home of allergens by improving airflow and removing places where dust can collect. Finally, it can generate extra cash if you find some items that you want to sell, plus save you money by making you think more carefully about the things you buy in the future.

How a storage unit can help you declutter

One of the difficulties of decluttering is knowing what to sell, donate, throw away, or keep. No one wants to get rid of something only to realize a few months down the line that they need it. This is where storage units can come in handy. Separate out the items that you are thinking of parting with and put them in storage for a while. After a few months, you can revisit what you’ve set aside and looked at those possessions with fresh eyes: Did you miss them? Did you need them? Do they spark joy? If the answer is no, you can be more confident in finding a new home for them.

You might worry about the cost of storage, but actually, the rates are very reasonable and affordable. Plus, many companies, like these storage units San Diego, have discounts and savings that you can take advantage of. A small cost like this is worth it for the benefits you can get in the long run.

The Beauty of Increasing Space

Another issue storage units can help with is belongings that you no longer want and would like to pass down to your children or grandchildren, especially if they don’t have space for them. Furniture is a common example of this. By putting items such as these into storage, you prevent them from cluttering up your house and they are there waiting for whoever you want to gift them to when that person is ready.

In addition, storage units can be a more permanent solution for clutter in your home by providing a space to store bulky items that you still want but don’t use very often. This could include holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, camping equipment, specialist gear for activities like skiing or scuba diving, and much more.

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