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defective truck parts
By AMANDA MILLS 496 views

Who is Liable for a Defective Truck Parts Accident?


The first thing you will hear during an investigation when you are involved in a truck accident is to pay attention to the details of who is the at-fault party. There can be multiple at-fault parties involved in a truck accident. The trucking company itself can be liable for the accident. It can even be the worker who designed or built the truck. Defective equipment liability is a relatively new area of law and one that shouldn’t be treated lightly. Understanding who the at-fault person for a defective truck parts accident can help you determine whether you should file a lawsuit against the vehicle manufacturer, the part manufacturer, or both.

What Defective Parts can Cause Truck Accidents?

A truck has many valuable parts which can fail. For example, a brake failure can result in a truck accident. When a vehicle’s brakes fail, the result can be dangerous and fatal. In the most severe cases, the vehicle may accelerate suddenly, leading to an accident with another vehicle or a pedestrian, or simply stopping abruptly.

Tires are also the essential parts of your truck. If they are unsound, they can cause an accident. The common defect that makes it hard to drive is flat tires. It can happen even if it doesn’t seem like something is wrong with the tire.

Also, a malfunctioning steering component may be the cause of many crashes. This can be caused by a condition within the steering gear called lash when the steering wheel twists around to one side when it’s turned. If this happens at high speeds, it can cause severe injury or death.

Transmissions are another common problem that causes trucks to swerve. When a transmission fails, the vehicle in question can lose control and ultimately result in causing a disaster. In addition, truck suspensions are among the most expensive parts of a truck that can cause problems and significantly affect a truck’s performance. The suspension system is responsible for holding you firmly on the road, keeping you going in the right direction without drifting off rough roads, stopping if you hit something too hard, and absorbing bumps in your path with equal force from both sides.

Who is Liable for a Defective Truck Parts Accident?

In any accident involving defective truck parts, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries by contacting lawyers at Jacoby & Meyers, LLP. The truck driver is not always responsible for truck accidents. Especially when it comes to an accident caused by defective parts. For defective truck parts accidents, three parties can be held liable. They are:

  1. Trucking Companies

Truck parts are designed and manufactured by specific companies, depending on the type of trucks that these companies have made. Because the riskiness of a defective truck part may be increased further compared to other products, many people assume that it is the larger company’s fault from which a defective product came who will be held responsible for severe injuries and even deaths following an accident caused by its faulty products.

  1. Manufacturers of Truck Parts and Distributors

Truck parts manufacturers are commonly held liable for defects and injuries from their products. So, what steps do truck parts manufacturers take to ensure they are safe? Truck parts manufacturers have one primary duty to the public: to ensure that an item’s safety and performance are reliable and meet applicable standards.

  1. Truck Maintenance Company

Trucking companies are responsible for the maintenance of their vehicles. Trucking companies must know what reasonable maintenance procedures for their truck fleet is. If a truck has been damaged in an accident, the company can be held liable for any property damage and injuries caused by its negligence. The truck maintenance company should fix the issues of the truck. In addition to fixing, the maintenance team should forecast the future problems that may arise. The maintenance team should inform about these problems to either the truck driver or the trucking company. Failure to do this makes the maintenance team a liable party for the truck accident.


Federal law mandates that truck parts must be properly manufactured and installed for a truck to be considered safe for use. Suppose, during an accident investigation, it is determined that a defect in the truck was responsible for the severe injury or wrongful death of a victim. In that case, that victim or their surviving family members may be able to file suit against one or more parties involved in the production and maintenance of that truck or its parts.

People think drunk drivers are the most common reason for truck accidents. It is simply not true. A most truck accident occurs due to defective parts. In fact, according to reports, defective tires are responsible for 30% of total truck accidents. It is the trucking company’s duty to maintain the truck in a functional condition. The truck driver should also make sure that the truck is in a good condition before driving.

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