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whatsapp group
By AKIB MALEK 488 views

How To Delete Whatsapp Group Easy Step

If you find that your group is no longer used or you want to remove it, then this article is going to help you understand the same in detail. In this post, we will discuss all the details regarding the topic so that you can be well equipped with all details that you need to know about the topic.

What is a WhatsApp group?

A WhatsApp group can be defined as a “group of people who have a common goal”, where they share information related to their work and what they are working towards. It can also be defined as a “group of people who share specific topics relating to their job and what they are working on with each other”.

Now let us discuss the difference between groups and pages

WhatsApp Groups are like Pages for Facebook where every person has a separate account for himself/herself or herself. For example, a person can create a page to start an Instagram or LinkedIn. But in the case of a WhatsApp group, it basically refers to the main account in which everyone has multiple accounts. Each member only has one profile but they can add more members to the same group if required.

In the case of Facebook Pages, there are a huge number of pages and users all across the world. As the name suggests, Facebook Pages are divided into sections under various categories and users can contribute their data and information under different types of pages. There are two kinds of groups present on Facebook pages they are Community and Engagement. These two kinds differ from the ones in WhatsApp groups. A Community group contains posts within the community page and is a dedicated place where people of similar interests, work together. On the other hand, Engagement groups include all the activities that happen inside these communities and events outside of them. So on a webpage, social media pages are categorized into Engagement and Communities. While viewing any kind of content, you can see both Engagement (Public) and Communities (Private), where the focus of engagement is on public and community pages.

The similarity between Group and Page

Now let us discuss the major differences between two types of groups- Group vs. Pages

Group – Every individual belongs to at least 1 group (we can also denote our own Google Sheets without worrying about security issues). There may be numerous groups in our life or in our friend’s or relatives’ life. Also, there are many subgroups in a group. In addition to Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter, there are a few social networks such as Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. You can list out most of the groups that exist in our online life.

– Everyone belongs to at least 1 group (we can also denote our own Google Sheets without worrying about security issues). There may be numerous groups in our life or in our friend’s or relatives’ life. Also, there are many subgroups in a group.

– Everything is public and not private in a group.

– You have access to all the information that you are sharing with these people when you post something.

– Your privacy is completely locked up in the organization you belong to.

– When you sign up on a new contact form on Facebook, you are providing personal information to the company. Similarly, whenever you go through Whatsapp by clicking on the chat icon, a big part of your information is provided.

When you log in on Facebook, your friends also have access to everything that you have or do. We can even view other people’s posts on their timelines. You don’t even get an option to choose whether you would like to post anything or not. Similarly, when we open up Whatsapp in the morning and the person we have just met gives me permission to send me a notification, I don’t get any information about him/her.

If you want to switch off the spam and unwanted messages feature in Whatsapp, it is also possible to do on Facebook. But it doesn’t mean that you are being protected. Even after switching off, my friend still starts messaging me even if we were not talking to each other.

How to delete Whatsapp groups?

Before we continue further; we must first talk about what happens once a user signs off from Whatsapp. The reason why we can’t see his/her group is because of 4 simple reasons-

  1. A message can remain in a chat even if someone deleted or disabled it.
  2. When a user uses certain options, WhatsApp needs to check and remember all the details that a user has added. With time, there could be a lot of unnecessary details and it can become difficult to delete them. For example, if you haven’t logged in on Facebook yet, and wish to keep the Facebook info handy in case you ever forget the username, you can keep it by putting those details on WhatsApp. So, you can keep all your chats in groups regardless if you want. However, you can easily deactivate your chats in groups, which we discussed earlier.
  3. Any person can delete an existing WhatsApp group after signing out. And any group you think can easily create another group. All these scenarios make even deleting things extremely hard. Therefore, you can always think twice before joining a group or sending a message. Now let us discuss each case of deletion separately.

Deleting a WhatsApp group

Deleting a WhatsApp group is easy. First, on your device, tap on the contact icon > Chats > Click on Delets > Select From Folder > Go to the folder you wish to delete > Open Up folder. Once selected, you will be given a window on the screen, click Done. You need to double-check your account to confirm it on the next step. Then, tap On & Done.

But sometimes, you might have forgotten that you’re deleted a WhatsApp group and you need to manually backtrack to recover access. So for this, you need to use the recovery link. Here, you can download the app from Play Store or App Store to open up different apps. Just enter the name of the WhatsApp group, select Recovery > Next > Download & Create. Enter the required credentials on the recovery link provided in the pop-up box. After successfully completing the process, you will get a confirmation mail in your inbox. Now, try to log in again. You can also verify your contacts, and accept their offers by entering your mobile number. Then wait for your verification process to complete. Finally, you will receive access to your WhatsApp group again. Don’t worry, if you still can’t reach anyone on the phone or chat, then it will let you know.

Deleting a WhatsApp channel

Deleting a WhatsApp group is much simpler than deleting a WhatsApp channel. Firstly, go to www.facebook.com from your browser. On this website, there is a home page called settings. There, tap on Channel -> Manage channels.

There, you can change the status of your channel. Some say that it is very hard to manage the channels. Hence, it is recommended you don’t manage, since once the channel comes to its state, you won’t find any additional information. Apart from that, you can change the appearance of videos to give more aesthetic looks to them as per your preference. Also, you can increase the watch time of the video too.

You can also delete a WhatsApp channel directly on your device by using your iOS address bar. However, it is not possible to delete only the content of the particular chat. So firstly click on My Contacts -> Info -> Settings-> Channels. Now, under the Status tab, click on Edit and select Choose which you want to edit. Now select a conversation, and add any value you want to give to it. In the end, you will see all your conversations listed on the left side.

Deleting a WhatsApp channel is very similar to deleting a WhatsApp page. So, it is important to follow these steps before deleting any WhatsApp channel.

Open any WhatsApp video/text/picture you see. Tap on Profile and select Channels. Once you are done, go to the discussion and tap on Add new. Fill in all information properly. After successful completion of the above task, tap Cancel and tap Save Changes. Now tap Back. You can easily delete the channel in the future by tapping on the View channel button again. There, one of the options available, you can either edit it to another conversation or add comments to it. Or you can cancel it by deleting it at the bottom of the page.

Deleting a WhatsApp channel can be complicated too. Because of the presence of the WhatsApp web address, it is very hard to locate. So you can’t get information even once it was deleted by mistake. We can save this situation by getting a VPN app on our iOS devices. There are plenty of iPhone and Android app developers to develop the solutions and they have already made apps for Mac, Windows, Linux, and others. But you can also install this application on your iOS device and set the proxy server that allows you to view the network when you don’t have an internet connection. Thus, it becomes easier to use. Moreover, you can use the application to send messages or even run adverts on WhatsApp. And here, the problem arises if you forgot to turn off the web address to send the advert to the WhatsApp group if you are the admin of the group. So, you can delete the activity straight away because you need all the activities to be visible. Furthermore, you can also block the

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