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Must have Checklist for Successful Software Development Outsourcing
By JOE MAILLET 1,357 views

Top Android Application Development Technologies for Startups

Startups are the future of the world economy. As with a proper startup, merchants can not only achieve exponential profits but also provide an opportunity to others as well. However, to make a startup company grow efficiently merchants have to strategize their business model efficiently. And one of the most crucial aspects of creating an efficient business model is to design unique mobile applications and websites to efficiently represent their business and services. However, for merchants who are just starting in their business journey, this can be quite an overwhelming and daunting task.

Further, among the basic strategies, one of the most crucial tasks is creating an efficient android application for the business. Because with the help of an android application merchants can easily tap into a wider range of target audiences and achieve higher profits and sales without any hassles. Moreover, an android application also adds to the brand’s image.
Hence, hiring an android application development company to plan and create an efficient application is extremely crucial for merchants. With this article today, we will take an in-depth look into some of the major technologies for creating android applications. But before we dive into that, let us understand the basic aspects that every merchant should focus on while creating their application.

Basics aspects of Android app that startups must manage

Unlike established companies, startups do not have an unlimited reservoir of resources at their disposal. This makes it crucial for them and their hired android application development services to create a careful estimation of the development process. For this, merchants must pre-plan the features they need for their application. And they must also carefully choose the correct technology to cater to their business requirement and user expectations as well. Further, last but not least, merchants must also create an estimated budget as well for the overall development process to avoid over expenditure on the aspects they don’t need in their business.

Top android application development technologies for startups

From the above discussion, we can conclude that pre-planning plays an important role in making a startup’s android application thrive in the marketplace. But with the overwhelming amount of options available, this can be confusing and troublesome. So it is crucial for merchants to carefully analyze all the options available in the market to make the correct decision. Below is a detailed list of some of the top technologies for android application development:

Kotlin: Kotlin is the official language for android application development and is a perfect replacement for complicated technology like Java. With the help of Kotlin merchants can easily create amazing, unique, and lightweight applications.

React Native: For merchants who wish to create platform-independent android apps for their business React Native is a perfect option. With the help of React Native merchants can provide their services and products in both Android and IOS platforms without any hassles.

Java: Java is also another popular technology for android application development. Although it can be quite complicated to work with but for large-scale applications, it is a perfect alternative. It is loaded with a number of useful libraries that can aid developers in creating feature-rich applications.

Flutter: Flutter is a cross-platform application development technology. It is based on the Dart programming language. And with its help developers can create unique application UIs and incorporate unique functionalities in their android application.

To wrap up

There are a number of technologies available in the market for android application development. However, the final choice should always be based on individual business requirements and expertise level. So, choose the perfect technology for android application development today from the list mentioned above to achieve higher profits and sales.

Joe Maillet

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