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By AKSHITRANA 682 views

Best practices for creating secure Android applications

Android applications are rising in trend these days due to the increasing popularity of Android mobile devices. As without an efficient Android application, it is almost impossible for merchants to make their services and products easily available to their target audiences accessing their services from a mobile device. However, a number of businesses tend to skip this important aspect of making their business accessible to their target audience. This, as result, negatively affects the business management and their user’s experience.  Also, without an Android application, it is also impossible for merchants to improve their profits and sales since their services and products remain unreachable to a majority of target audiences.

However, in order to create an Android application, a merchant must pay attention to a number of important factors so that their hired android app developer can amazing applications to cater to their business requirements. Amongst these important factors, application security is one of the most relevant aspects that should be taken into consideration. Without proper security, merchants can face data security issues and external cyber attacks as well. But before we dive into best practices for creating secure android apps, let us take a look at the possible dangers of having poor security.

  • Having poor security can make your android applications vulnerable to bugs, which can crash your whole application. This leads to over expenditure on application maintenance and causes a strain on the overall budget.
  • Also, with poor security, your user’s data might get leaked and cause your user’s to loose their important application data. This, as a result, can negatively affect the user’s experience with your brand.
  • Further, without proper security, hackers can easily access your users and your payment information, which can also cause a lot of troubles and financial issues for your business.

Best security practices for creating secure android applications

Creating a secure and efficient android applications needs a lot of mindful adaptation of a secure development process. Also, when security best practices are adapted beforehand, merchants can easily avoid tragedies such as external security attacks and data losses, etc. Below is a list of a few of the best security practices for Android app development that can aid merchants in improving their application security:

  1. End to end data encryption is one of the most essential steps for creating amazing and highly secure android applications for business. Because with end to end data security the application’s information will not be accessible to third-party users, which will aid merchants in making the application highly secure.
  2. Attacks on APIs and servers are often responsible for an application’s data loss. In order to avoid this developers must review their code carefully and add secure web application firewalls to increase their server’s and APIs security.
  3. Also merchants must implement multifactor user authentication so that no third party can easily access a user’s account and mess their important application data. To achieve this, merchants can implement OTP based login and sign up process as well.
  4. Further, merchants can adapt to processes such as Code obfuscation, as it can aid merchants in making their code unreadable to decompilers. Since code obfuscation converts simplistic codes to an unreadable format.

To wrap up

Security should be one of the biggest concerns for mobile application developers and merchants. However, it is often ignored, and as a result, merchants suffer from data and financial losses. To avoid such tragedies, adapting to security best practices mentioned above is extremely important. Since these security best practices can easily aid merchants in creating a highly secure and efficient mobile application.


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