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How to Design Websites That Attract and Keep Visitors
By DAVID NEEBLE 2,126 views

How to Design Websites That Attract and Keep Visitors

Designing an attractive website that is effective in converting visitors into customers can be a challenge. To ensure that your website generates the best possible value you need to design it so visitors can easily find the information they need and create content that sells the products and services that you offer. To obtain the best ideas, inspiration, and advice for designing an effective website, you need to contact Phoenix web design firms.

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Website Layout

Page layout is important because there is a better chance that visitors will stay on your website longer if they can find the information they need quickly and easily. These are some layout tips to help you design effective web pages.

Use Descriptive Headlines –

The headline on each page should indicate what the page content is about and should include one or two main keywords to help ensure good search engine optimization (SEO) rankings.

Make Page Content Easy for Visitors to Consume –

According to experts, you have seven seconds to engage site visitors. So, it is important to make page content easy for them to read and digest. Using short paragraphs and bulleted text helps users find the information they need quickly and easily. Other attributes that engage visitors site include images, content that can be downloaded (i.e., product data sheets, customer success stories) and interactive content (i.e., videos, product demos, etc.).

Focus on One Subject at a Time –

If you try to present too much information on too many different subjects, it is likely that you will confuse visitors or overwhelm them. If there is additional information you want to provide, make it available as downloadable content or create a separate web page and provide a link to it.

Include Early- and Late-Stage Calls to Action –

Each page should include early-stage calls to action that invite visitors to learn more about your products, download information and take advantage of interactive tools. You should also include late-stage calls to action that encourage visitors to contact you for more information, consult with an expert or schedule an appointment.

Get Help from Experts

Many organizations lack the time and/or resources to design a website, create compelling page content and monitor results to be sure the website is generating quality leads. If you are experiencing this problem, contact Phoenix web design firms to get help creating a website that will help you meet your business growth goals.

David Neeble

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