Wine is a prominent ingredient of a complete meal all over the world. And indeed this love for the wine gets passed to its origin too. The breathtakingly stunning and lush vineyards are itself a glamorous site for everyone. And when you are a diehard wine lover, you can relate to these vineyards as if it’s your lover’s home!

Best Vineyards Worth Wine Touring Across the World!

It’s because of this love for the vineyards and wines that you see such hype about wine tours. And why not, these trips are absolutely entertaining, fun, and full of knowledge and tips about different types of wines. What’s more, you even get to taste your favorite wines with delectable nibbles and cheese. But if you really want to explore the most spectacular wineries around the world, read on!

  1. Hunter Valley, Australia— Hunter Valley tour from Sydney, with Country Trails is actually quite a hike from the metropolis. But they take you towards the destination in a very comfortable vehicle and guide through the most enchanting location in a really engaging manner. The valleys named McGuigan and McWilliams pride in a grape type called Shiraz. It’s one of the most popular wineries of the world and you’ll simply adore the scenic beauty and wines found here.
  2. Napa Wineries, California— Another famous wine region known by every wine lover across the world, Napa owns more than 400 exceptional wineries with more than 200 in its very nearby city, Sonoma, and such other prominent places. The wines available here are extremely fruity which makes some of the most outstanding champagne-style wines that you get to taste. But just these unparalleled wines aren’t enough, when you reach the top of Napa Valley, you get to see a Geyser which is famous by the name of Old Faithful — a favourite spot of the locals that you can also visit when you take a wine tour here.
  3. Alentejo, Portugal — Having over 250 registered wine producers in the region, Alentejo is the biggest wine-growing place in Portugal. Because of the varieties of soil present in this single location, you can see some exotic and unique blend of wines coming from here. Apart from these luxury wines, there can be lots of city attractions near the wineries that totally make the tour worthwhile.
  4. Cape Wine-land, South Africa —The Cape Wine-land consists of 12th-century vineyards which were commenced by the French invaders in this place and used as cures back then. It’s one of the best wine locales outside Europe that provides a hassle-free tour and welcomes tourists happily. With the Dutch-style exquisite architecture in these wineries set in the scenic backdrop, the tour can be an enriching experience for you.
  5. Santorini, Greece —Having a breathtaking cliff rising from the sea, the wineries at Santorini, Greece, are home to the world-famous nine grape types. The very unusual factor of this wine region is the young grapes twisting to form a wreath from the fruits growing here in order to prevent them from being damaged in the winter. They even pride in having a special wine museum outside this winery that portrays to the wine aficionados this brilliant procedure of extracting wines that are so unique to the region.

For a wine lover, there are a plethora of wine valleys to explore. But if you are really keen on selecting the top five and visiting them, here you are with the best vineyards and their specifications! 

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