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Travelling to Australia is always an experience to remember. You get to see and witness things you’d never see or witness anywhere else in the world. One of Australia’s top cities to visit is definitely Sydney. This is because the amazing city offers something for everyone. Whether you like sightseeing, partying, or just chilling on the beach – Sydney will have a corner for you. Here’s what to do when you’re only visiting shortly.

Day 1


The first thing you’ll look for in Sydney is accommodation. Staying in a hotel might be much more expensive than you anticipated, which is why you should find apartments for short term to let. This way, you’ll get a whole apartment for the price of what you would have paid for a hotel room. It’s also much more comfortable and better if you’re travelling with friends.

Now that you’re settled in, it’s time to take on the city. Your first day in Sydney should be spent sightseeing. See all the touristy places and don’t feel guilty about it. After all, who knows when is the next time you’ll be here. If you can’t make it to all the sights, just pick the top three ones you want to see the most.

After you’re done sightseeing, breathe a little and just take a walk. There’s no better way of getting to know a city than by walking in it and experiencing it on foot. Who knows what kind of amazing cafes and hidden gems you might find by just exploring?

Day 2

sydney walk

Your first night in your service accommodation in Sydney should have passed comfortably. Now you’re well and rested to take on the city once more. Why not wake up early and grab breakfast at one of Sydney’s authentic restaurants or cafes?

You should take the rest of the day easy, treat yourself to lunch, and then start getting ready for the night to come. There’s no sense in visiting Sydney if you’re not going to experience its nightlife.

From clubbing to bar hopping, Sydney is home to the chilliest and fanciest places on Earth. There’s no party like a Sydney party, and soon enough, you’ll know exactly how true that statement is.

Day 3


No matter how hard it might be to wake up the next day, remember that a hangover is a sign that you had fun. A night out in Sydney is one that you won’t forget.

This is the day to take it easy and head for the beach. There’s nothing you’ll like more than experiencing Sydney’s amazing coast and lounging around in the sun all day after the night you’ve had. Don’t be afraid to dip your toes in the ocean, either. There are a lot of fancy and nice restaurants near the coast which you shouldn’t miss, either.

Since you’re in a city that has its own port, it would be a shame not to try some seafood specialties. Who knows when the next time you try something so delicious will be? After all, fresh and tasty seafood is very hard to find. Sydney is home to a lot of restaurants with a traditional and unique take on seafood, so you surely won’t stay hungry or dissatisfied.


Even though you’re only visiting Sydney shortly, there are still many things you can do to get the feel of the city. Sydney promises a lot of adventure for anyone that’s brave enough to set foot in it. Don’t be sorry that you’re only staying for three days. Instead, be glad that you’ll get to come back and experience something entirely new again.

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