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Plantgrowpick - Rose

Variety of Roses in Australia

There are numerous varieties of flowers in this world, but among them, roses are one of the romantic ones. These lovable flowers show the presence of heaven on the earth. Due to its lovely shape and fragrance, it is one of the largest grown flowers in Australia. Numerous peoples at Australia, plant roses every day but, they don’t know at what time or season they should plant them. So herewith the expert team of – Plantgrowpick lets explore how many variety of roses there are and at which season we should plant them.

When is the best time to plant Roses?

From various researches, it has been found that the best time to plant roses is the winter season. Because in winter, roses become dormant since they are deciduous plants. If perfect nourishment and care are provided to the rose plant, then, it can be grown in any of the state or country.

How can we Plant a Rose?

The first step that a person should keep in mind before planting a rose is to choose an appropriate garden or area. The area where you are going to plant the rose must be well-drained with enough presence of sunlight. Also, the area or garden must be as such that in past no roses have been grown or planted their. The second step would be hydrating the roots of the rose plant in water before planting. After hydrating the roots all you have to do is to dig a hole of 25-30 CM and plant the root. After planting fill the hole with the soil and water well. After a few days, your rose plant will be ready.

Nowadays, there is a diverse variety of roses available in the Australian market every year and among them here are the top three.

Wollerton Old Hall Rose

Wollerton Old Hall Rose is a well-known rose species that is recognized for its fragrance and grace. This rose variety is one of those English roses that can grow up to a height of 8 feet and approximately 3 feet across. Wollerton Old Hall Rose also has an attractive shape with a pleasant butter yellow colour having more than 40 petals on each flower. This species of rose is an invaluable repeat bloomer. Also, it has been examined that, this variety of rose can be expected to grow taller and may be better adapted to use as a climber in extreme sunlight and heat. It is best grown in well-drained soil and fertile soil where there is an adequate presence of sunlight. Today this rose is planted in many private, public parks and gardens of the country because of its elegance and per fumy nature.

Coconut Ice Rose

Coconut ice is a Floribunda rose that can grow up to a height of 100 CM. This rose variety looks so charming that it may stimulate a little bit of nostalgia with full, traditional blooms. Also, this rose contains a pleasant watermelon or musk pink colour with a soft white colour on the opposite of each petal. Coconut Ice rose also bears a unique and sweet fragrance and holds clusters of three to five blooms. Apart from this, it is an excellent bedding rose variety, which is disease resistant and hard.

Fearless Winter Rose

Fearless rose variety is an excitingly bright orange rose that can handle any heat that comes it’s way. Also, this rose is known as a hybrid tea rose, which is a bronze-medal winner in the Australian rose trials. The outer structure of this rose is also attractive. It is comprised of more than 30 petals and multiple flushes of bloom with a leathery green, disease-resistant foliage. Also, the sweet fragrance of this rose makes it an astonishingly refreshing rose. The best colour and size of this rose comes in cooler temperature.

So these were some of the species of the roses that can be planted for a beautiful and attractive environment near you. So if you are in Australia and want to explore more variety of roses in your area than you can come in contact with Plantgrowpickthe experts of this company will assist you and help you in whatever way you want.

Plantgrowpick Pty Ltd

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