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Grow plants and pearls

How to Grow and Plant Pears in the Home Garden

Most people love doing gardening at home in all seasons. Like any other fruit, the growing pear tree is also a very exciting experience for the home gardeners. However, before you take an initiative to plant pears in your backyard, there are few things you must know about how to plant.

Let’s explore in detail with Plantgrowpick experts.

Planting Pears in the Home Garden


Before you plant a pear tree in your backyard, you should consider its size first. A full-size tree possibly grows up to 40 feet. While considering the size of your portion, you need to consider a dwarf or semi-dwarf variety. Undoubtedly, Bartlett is the most common home-grown a pear, but there are several other varieties are also available. Find out with the experts like plantgrowpick to discover which variety grows best. Although growing pear trees from seed are possible, to get faster crop results you can buy a young tree. When it comes to planting pears, you will get better results from a smaller well-formed tree as compared to a tall spindly one.

How to Plant a Pear tree

After choosing your tree, the next thing is planting. Pears need full sun to grow and live. Make sure to choose an area where the sunlight is present for at least six to eight hours, not only for seedling but for your full grown pear. Tree care will be easier if you plan in advance. When you dig your hole, make sure it is wide and deep, to mix plenty of manure into the soil. Take out the tree from its container, as well as the burlap, and set it in the hole to the same depth it was in the container. Now smoothly spread the roots and fill-up the hole with the modified soil. Remember to water regularly once or twice a week until the roots are completely established. When it comes to the care of the pear tree, pruning is essential. Even the first pruning should follow immediately after the tree is planted. Choose 3 to 5 branches with outward instead of upward growth and prune out the rest. To encourage growth, you need to trim off the ends. You will see pear tree will bear fruit in 3 to 5 years.

Tips for Growing Pear Trees

Care of pear trees is simple and straightforward in comparison to other fruits. They seldom suffer from any disease or insect problem, hence are easier on the grower. Start caring for pear trees right after planting. Fertilizing once a year should be enough for your pear tree if the soil is of good quality. For proper care, you must avoid over fertilization which produces a beautiful tree, but no fruit. To know more about the growing and planting tips you can consult experts who can guide you on how to properly take care of your pear tree.  Some gardeners may encourage you to apply insecticides and dormant oil spray just before buds blossom as it is necessary for the proper care of pears trees.

Bottom Line

So, these are the tips to grow and plant a pear tree in your home garden from the experts of Plantgrowpick.

Plantgrowpick Pty Ltd

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